Using Pendo

How Sprinklr Uses Pendo to Help the World’s Largest Brands Do Marketing Better

Published Jan 5, 2018

Pendo customer, Sprinklr, helps the world’s largest brands do marketing, advertising, care, sales, research, and commerce on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and 23+ other channels globally—all on one integrated platform. With over 1200 customers—more than half in the Fortune 500—Sprinklr allows large enterprise companies to break down silos within their organizations.

Director of Success Operations, Nick Schwartz has spent six years at Sprinklr and previously was among its first customers. In this role, he has been able to use Pendo to track the success of the Sprinklr product.

“The fact that Pendo could surface adoption data in addition to publishing customer guides, lightboxes, and NPS surveys, it just made sense.”

Sprinklr decided to purchase Pendo at the start of its fast growth curve. “With our rapid growth, it was imperative to start looking at usage data across all functions of the platform. The fact that Pendo could surface adoption data in addition to publishing customer guides, lightboxes, and NPS surveys, it just made sense.”

Sprinklr has since adopted Pendo across the entire company. “From our Customer Success and Services organization to Product and Engineering, many departments at Sprinklr have adopted Pendo as part of their workflow.” Nick continued, “Even members of our leadership team refer to Pendo data. Specifically, we’re using many of the NPS reporting capabilities to identify customer health and satisfaction.”

Pendo’s NPS analytics have been a valuable asset for the Sprinklr team. With the capabilities, Pendo customers can now better analyze how its Net Promoter Score is directly affected by product usage. The visualizations combine user responses with product usage to give teams deeper insights on the types of product behavior that impact overall user happiness. “The data from Pendo’s NPS analytics have been some of our most actionable insights,” Nick said.

Representation of the NPS dashboard. Sprinklr uses their own dashboard to identify user trends.

With Pendo, Sprinklr can now segment its NPS to users in-app in a non-intrusive manner. “The interface for deploying banners in-app has been a game-changer,” Nick said. “By allowing the survey to rest at the bottom of screen so users can take it at their leisure, we have increased our response rate significantly.”

The NPS and product usage data has been beneficial for quickly measuring the effectiveness of new features. Nick can also quickly surface trends when needed. “When my CTO asks if anyone is using our newest feature, I can pull both the qualitative and quantitative data from Pendo to make quick assumptions about the feature adoption and satisfaction,” he said.

Nick discussed some of the future plans for continuing to enhance product decisions with the Pendo platform. “Moving forward, we want to use Pendo to better understand the effectiveness of features. For example, if a new feature has low usage and we just spent a ton of resources building it, we plan to identify that segment who stopped using the feature and deploy targeted surveys to understand why.”

“We want to focus more on improving the user experience through data-driven decisions, and that’s something we can do with Pendo.”

About Nick Schwartz, Director of Success Operations 
Nick has been part of various startups in Silicon Valley but found his stride at Virgin America where he launched and grew their social media presence to become a top use case in the industry. In 2011, Nick joined Sprinklr where he has helped some of the largest brands in the world connect with their customers. Nick loves family, cars, and cycling. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon.