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Why We’re Sponsoring Bay to Breakers—It’s Gonna Get Wacky…

Published May 3, 2019

A few weeks ago Pendo was presented with a wacky opportunity to be an exclusive sponsor of the world famous Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco. If you know, you know. If you don’t know, I probably won’t do it justice. But here goes: Bay to Breakers is a one-of-a-kind tradition where people from all of the Bay Area, nay, all over the WORLD come to partake in a race spanning the city of San Francisco. But it’s more than a race—it’s a moment.

The moment is a hysterical celebration of everything that the Bay Area stands for. It’s the fun and beauty of a diverse mass of driven individuals coming together to be part of something bigger than themselves. It’s the delight that comes from a completely unexpected, unparalleled, dare I say, slightly lawless experience of running alongside your friends, your peers, your competitors, and complete strangers towards higher ground. It’s the rush of pushing boundaries, being bold, and having a damn good time along the way.

That’s how I describe Bay to Breakers. That’s how I describe the Bay Area. And that’s how I describe Pendo. So yes, we’re being completely unorthodox. This software company that was started in gorgeous Raleigh, North Carolina is sponsoring this special Bay Area tradition. Why? Because the Bay Area is also Pendo’s home and home to our people, too.

As you see the pops of Pendo pink across San Francisco or run through the Pendo Medal Zone at Bay to Breakers, know that we’re celebrating this moment, this tradition, and our home right alongside you. It’s just the right brand of wacky for Pendo.

See you out there.

P.S. Have a great Bay to Breakers memory? Share it with us using #PendoLovesB2B. You might just win a pack of VIP tickets. Don’t remember your great memories? Probably better that way. But definitely come out and create some new ones with us by joining the Pendo race squad.