Product Love Podcast: Brett Queener, partner at Bonfire Ventures, part 2

Published Jan 20, 2021

On today’s episode of Product Love, I sat down with Brett Queener to continue our conversation from last week. If you’ve missed last week, I would suggest listening to that episode if you want to get advice on how to approach growth and expansion in your product.

Brett didn’t hold back this episode either, and provided us another goldmine of insights about the investor’s perspective on product. It’s important to understand whether your product is a painkiller or a vitamin—vitamins are generally less valuable because they’re nice-to-haves, whereas painkillers are actual solutions to a problem. After understanding what your product is, Brett asks about the user’s understanding and satisfaction of the product. Can they see the value immediately, or do they have to discover it? As an investor, he’s also trying to pick up on users’ emotions to tell if they really enjoy the product and see it as necessary for their growth. Brett also shares how he uses emotion to get really interested in a product first, and then logic and data to back out of it, which led him to reveal that products he’s invested in with his gut and emotion tend to be more successful.

If you’re an early-stage company, check out the rest of the podcast to hear what should be in your pitch deck.