Product Love Podcast: Brianne Kimmel, founder of Work Life Ventures

Published Feb 3, 2022

On this week’s episode of Product Love, I sat down next to Brianne Kimmel, the founder of Worklife Ventures. Worklife Ventures is the first venture capital firm designed for the new era of builders, creators, and individual contributors.

I last talked to Brianne a few years ago, and you can listen to that podcast here. In this week’s episode, we talked about trends happening in SaaS, her advice for early VCs, and why it seems like so many first-time founders were former product managers.

A SaaS trend that sticks out to Brianne is, how some great platforms such as Figma and Webflow have community features already built-in. Users are able to easily showcase their work, and monetize it.

Another trend she sees occurring in the future is the emergence of a lot of tools in the remote collaboration space. Currently, remote workers face the challenge of endless amounts of documentation, an infinite amount of meetings, and the need to ensure that they always have the right information. Accomplishing that asynchronously is still important, and largely unsolved.

Want to hear the rest of the episode? Check it out below.