Product Teams

Product Engagement: A Two-Way Street

Published Jun 12, 2015

Things have changed. Many of today’s product teams are Agile. They build, test, and iterate to better meet customer needs and stay ahead of competition. How we learn from and educate customers also needs to change to keep up. Product engagement is about understanding how customers engage with your product at the most granular level, and how you can effect that customer behavior to maximize their usage of your application.

A solid product engagement strategy should feel less like a marketing and sales campaign, contest, or tool, and more like a well-developed friendship founded on the basis of interdependent needs and mutual respect. The feedback you get from your customers isn’t just important for you, it’s important for them as well. If you can listen to what your customers are saying and improve the product and their experience, everybody wins. You get more loyal customers; they get what they really need and want.

Product engagement tools should provide full visibility into how your features and pages are being used and by whom. They can help you understand what features and pages should be retired, which ones people don’t know about, and which ones are keys to upselling or trial conversions. They can even help you understand how your users flow through your application. Where do they drop off? How can your application be optimized to get your users to where they want to go in the most efficient way possible?

The relationship you build is a two-way street. On one hand, your customers feel heard, and they can see the ways they’re actually contributing to your company. At the same time, you get free feedback and have the opportunity to improve your business, thereby attracting more customers.

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