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Pendo Introduces New NPS Slack Integration to Streamline Feedback Sharing

Published Aug 30, 2018

If you are tracking your NPS score, you are not alone. Many SaaS companies now use the Net Promoter System®️ (NPS) to measure customer satisfaction along with the two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies who employ NPS as part of their customer feedback programs.

Collecting feedback is vital to understand user health, but collecting and analyzing your NPS score is simply not enough. NPS feedback must be shared and put into action to make a substantial business impact.

A good way to approach your user feedback program is to realize that NPS measurement is only the beginning. Your score is an opportunity to reach out to your customers and make a meaningful connection to improve their experience. Furthermore, if your organization isn’t fully aligned around NPS, your efforts to survey and collect scores won’t produce lasting value.

How can different teams at your company leverage NPS feedback?

  • The product team needs to understand how the customer experience they deliver in the product affects sentiment and if they are consistently meeting user needs
  • The customer success team wants to know about any negative experiences or unhappy customers in order to immediately intervene
  • The marketing team wants to find potential champions and turn them into active customer advocates

This is why sharing user feedback across your entire organization is vital. Becoming united around the process starts with making your NPS data readily available to teams throughout the company. This takes the NPS focus from a single department to a company-wide initiative.

We’ve found that when multiple teams are engaged, the value of an NPS program grows significantly. Pendo’s new Slack integration makes this easier by allowing you to share survey results across teams using the popular collaboration tool.

Once the Slack integration is setup, new NPS responses from Pendo pop-up in real time, alerting your entire team of the score, the respondent, qualitative feedback shared, and any pertinent customer details you’d like to include in the notification. There is power in instantly seeing responses from your users the second they submit them, as this allows you to quickly respond.

Follow this up by reaching out to customers who may be having a difficult experience to ensure that issues are resolved – reducing their risk of churn, and engage your NPS promoters to build out a thriving advocacy program.

You can set up a dedicated Slack channel where you and coworkers will see NPS results, or push NPS responses into an existing channel.

Make sure to have a follow-up plan in place in order to make the most of the survey responses coming in. Consider tasking different teams with follow-up for different types of responses. For example, you might want to have your customer success team follow up with detractors and your customer marketing folks connect with your most enthused promoters!

Pendo’s new Slack integration allows you to push NPS scores and customer feedback directly to any Slack channel to increase visibility of customer satisfaction and ensure that follow-up happens quickly and consistently. Check it out!