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Onboarding and Trial Conversions

Published May 13, 2015

Using In App Messaging to Drive Revenues and Renewals

When used effectively and in combination with analytics, in app messaging can offer value to a number of product engagement areas. We’ll now cover opportunities in trial conversions, onboarding, renewals, and upgrades.

One suggestion for using guides to improve trial conversions is to analyze usage from successful versus unsuccessful trials. You will usually see some patterns around product engagement and feature usage. For instance, you may find that the usage of a certain set of features is a strong indicator of a successful trial.

So how do you apply this knowledge? Well, think about creating a guide that will only target users who haven’t used those features when they are seven days in to their trial period. Use that guide to educate them about and steer them toward those key features. More than likely, you will see a material impact on trial conversions by doing this. (At Pendo, we work with one software vendor who reported a 57% bump in trial conversions by using analytics and guides in a similar manner.)

Pendo Guide Targeting

Using guides for onboarding can be done in a similar manner. Establish a series of steps that you feel make for a successful onboarding process. Use guides to inform and educate users about those steps. Track the completion of those steps using analytics information and target additional guides to users who get stuck in different areas of the onboarding process.

If you combine analytics with guides, you can get some really powerful data to help with keeping product engagement up prior to renewals. For an annual renewal, perhaps you want to start two months prior to the contract expiration date, by using the in-product guides to highlight new and upcoming features or to engage customers with functional areas they might not have used. You can also proactively target guides to users whenever you see usage patterns slowing down, even if it is not close to renewal periods.

A combination of analytics and guides is also effective in looking for upgrade opportunities. You can look for areas of usage where you have additional capabilities in separate product offerings or pricing tiers, and target those users with informational guides that highlight the benefits of those capabilities.

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