Using Pendo

Qualtrics and Pendo have partnered to improve your product launch in the age of COVID

Published Jun 9, 2020

We are living in a world that is going through a massive transformation. Dealing with a health crisis, WFH with kids, the stress of an economic downturn — it all weighs on us. What we don’t need at this time is more annoyance. As builders of software and digital experiences, we try to address these new challenges, whether that’s in the form of new features or wholly new products. To do so successfully, we have to truly understand our customers’ needs, but how can we do that when customer attention is spread so thin?

Today we are announcing a partnership that brings together the power of Qualtrics and Pendo, so we can now help you collect customer sentiment more gracefully. Combining the power of the two platforms means you can increase the response rate (a key business KPI), which will lead to better, more insightful data.  

Now, more than ever, understanding and acting on customer sentiment requires us to focus on the right customer, at the right time, with the right questions. Causing even a tiny annoyance to a customer with an ill-served survey could come off as lack of empathy, leading to frustration with your product. 

With the power of Qualtrics, product teams can better design, collect, analyze, and act on data at scale. With Pendo, product teams understand feature usage data, user onboarding status, customer revenue, and raw aptitude of product usage. Marry the two platforms, and what you get is more contextual surveys, better response rates, more insight into how your product is doing, and what to build next. 

Using Qualtrics and Pendo together means:

  • Getting in front of the right customers.  A power user that has used your new feature is more likely to give you good insight than a casual user that is not fully onboarded. No more indiscriminately sending out surveys
  • Meeting your customers where they are. Like me, you’re probably getting inundated by emails (COVID changes at the gym anyone?), and surveys sent through email get lost. With Pendo, you can deliver Qualtrics-tailored surveys in-app, where your users live and work. 

Product teams, like customers, are busy, so we’ve made this integration a breeze. Please click here to check out our recipe on how to integrate Pendo and Qualtrics. 


In a matter of minutes, you will start collecting more context from your customers directly from within your application. This invaluable data should be used to discuss any changes in your course of direction.