How ShippingEasy used Pendo to increase feature adoption by 2x

Published Oct 5, 2021

The e-commerce industry relies on technology to power the buying and selling of products and services that consumers use day in and day out. But what about the industry that works to get those products and services to our doorsteps?

For small, independent online retailers, managing orders from multiple channels like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and PayPal adds a lot of complexity to the shipping process. Luckily, companies like ShippingEasy exist to simplify those processes. Their software enables e-commerce merchants to manage multichannel shipping and fulfillment with the best available shipping rates and provides time-saving automation to help grow their businesses.

Optimizing ShippingEasy’s digital experience

In order to ensure their users–the independent online merchants of the world–were empowered to run their businesses effectively, ShippingEasy needed to ensure they were providing the best possible software experience. And it all started with understanding how customers were actually using the product.

Here are four ways the ShippingEasy team leveraged Pendo to understand user behavior, innovate faster, and increase adoption of a key feature on their platform:

1. Getting an instant look at feature usage

In the past, ShippingEasy’s product team didn’t have an easy way to understand product usage. This was a particularly important pain point when they were considering upgrading or replacing a certain feature and needed to understand who was still using it. 

With Pendo, the team could quickly pull a list of customers who had used a specific feature within a given time period. To take it a step further, ShippingEasy then targeted in-app surveys to those users to ask what they thought about the feature in question. This saved the team at least two hours of time that would have been spent manually digging through data and reaching out to users via email. Instead, Pendo allowed the team to lean on their product itself to do the heavy lifting.

2. Easily gauging customer satisfaction

After deciding to overhaul their platform’s “Split Quantities” feature (which lets users split large orders into smaller ones), ShippingEasy created an in-app poll to gauge user satisfaction with the changes. Anyone who rated the upgrade a 1, 2, or 3 out of 5 had the option to provide feedback on what they didn’t like–giving the ShippingEasy team an instant view into their customers’ thoughts and potential areas for improvement. The best part? The poll had a 55% response rate, which was much higher than anything the team had seen from similar email communications in the past. 

3. Putting insights into action

After creating their first poll to gauge user satisfaction, the ShippingEasy team didn’t stop there. They used a second poll to ask users if a proposed fix for one of the problems mentioned would be a good approach, and included an animation of the fix in the guide itself. With an 83% response rate and 71% of those respondents approving of the proposed enhancement, ShippingEasy had the justification they needed to move forward with development. Rather than relying on gut instinct or a few of the loudest customers, Pendo armed the product team with actionable qualitative data in just three days.

4. Taking the friction out of feedback

Pendo streamlined what once took ShippingEasy months into a matter of days. The team collected user feedback quickly, and then used those insights to ensure they were building and improving the right features, in the right ways. Although “Split Quantities” is only used by a subset of ShippingEasy’s customers, it is key to those customers’ workflows, and therefore important for the team to get right. With Pendo, ShippingEasy doubled adoption of the feature, serving as a playbook they can utilize throughout the rest of their product.