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How Pendo drives value across your entire organization

Published Jul 26, 2023
Pendo’s product experience platform isn’t just for product teams. 

If there’s one word to describe what business leaders are feeling right now, it’s this: overwhelmed. They’re operating in a difficult macroeconomic climate. They’re bombarded every day with stories about how AI will disrupt and transform the business world. They’re having to strike the right balance between remote and in-office work, hone their product-led growth strategy, meet ever-higher consumer expectations for digital experiences… It’s a lot to take in.

And to top it all off, leaders are navigating all these issues at a time when head counts and tech portfolios are frozen or getting smaller. That means pressure to do even more with even less. So what’s the best way to do all of this successfully? Leverage your product and your product experience

An org-wide value driver

The most forward-thinking companies are the ones using their own product to solve key challenges across their business. With the power of a product experience platform like Pendo, they’re meeting the right customer segments in the product with the right message or support, at the right time. They’re leveraging product data to inform key decisions and optimize the user experience. And as a result, they’re driving stronger growth, retention, and a host of other business outcomes. 

In other words, with your product now at the center of your business model, Pendo isn’t just a platform for product teams. A number of other teams across businesses are finding value and leveraging it. Here’s how:

UX teams 

Teams tasked with optimizing the user experience are harnessing Pendo’s robust analytics capabilities to identify where users struggle to effectively complete tasks, or otherwise get stuck. Then, they’re taking that quantitative data and combining it with qualitative feedback from customers to discern the right steps to take. With this insight, they’re then able to make improvements to streamline the user experience and deploy targeted, contextual, always-on help that users can access at any time without cluttering up the product’s user interface (UI).

Marketing teams 

As product-led growth has become more synonymous with company growth, marketing teams are running campaigns where and when it matters most to customers: inside the app itself, as they’re using it. Marketers leverage Pendo to ensure they get the most bang for their buck and the highest possible conversion rates. Using Pendo Analytics and In-app Guides, they can segment users based on metadata and behavior for targeted outreach. And they can use the same capabilities to extend up-sell or cross-sell campaigns based on behavior, as well as identify and engage with customers who’d fit well for case studies and other forms of social proof. 

Sales teams

Sales leaders know that there’s no better sales tool than the product itself. That’s why they’re leaning into product-led sales tactics, allowing users to demo what a product offers themselves through freemium trials, self-guided tours, and a host of other paths. With Pendo Analytics, sales teams can spot signals in the noise and identify factors (a certain kind of trial or self-guided tour, a certain set of in-app guide promotions, etc.) that correlate with higher conversion, and apply those insights to their greater sales strategy. These insights gleaned from usage data lead to more trial conversions and more meaningful revenue growth.

Engineering teams

Pendo is a massive time-saver for engineers. Whether it’s eliminating the need to instrument product analytics or to build in-house guidance manually, Pendo frees up engineering teams to focus on more strategic, impactful work. Pendo Analytics, for example, makes it easy for engineers to identify and prioritize areas for improvement in the product, as well as monitor usage volume for capacity planning. It also lets them deploy fast fixes when time is of the essence. 

Customer success teams

A customer never churns for no reason. There are always signs leading up to it, and they’re ones that Pendo Analytics helps customer success teams spot proactively—and take steps to mitigate. Whether it’s low adoption, increasingly infrequent use, growing instances of friction points, or falling off key processes or features, Pendo gives CS teams a holistic view of customer health metrics, and the context they need to intervene and fix any issues before the relationship turns sour. It’s no wonder product analytics has become the go-to tool for driving retention

Company leadership 

Within any C-suite, there will always be butting heads over the right priorities, strategy, outcomes to aim for, products to prioritize, etc. To make the right decisions, leaders need the right data to inform their thinking, and Pendo Analytics provides the insights to get them there. There may still be arguing about priorities, but there’s no arguing with data. 

If a business is leveraging data using Pendo, and all departments are working towards the same goals, it will see positive business outcomes across all these teams. Reduced costs, efficient growth, increased retention and adoption, tech stack consolidation—all these are within reach. Don’t risk doing nothing and falling behind. Take a self-guided tour or demo Pendo today.