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How Pendo accelerates your customers’ time to value

Published Aug 24, 2023
Plus, how our all-in-one product-experience platform speeds up your roadmap.

If you want to thrive as a business in 2023, you need to leverage your product to the fullest. That doesn’t just mean providing the best possible features and functionality to meet and exceed user expectations and needs—although that’s certainly a necessary part of success. It means going beyond core capabilities, scaling your operations and cutting costs by automating key motions within your product itself. 

Take onboarding. This is an area where the traditional way of doing things has failed customers and businesses alike. “One and done” in-person trainings are nearly always immediately forgotten, and by the time customers need to reference a point or points from the training, they find themselves either parsing long recordings or navigating a sprawl of documentation in search of the right answers. Businesses in turn get inundated with support tickets when users can’t find what they need, leading to wasted time and resources for both the user and members of the IT team. 

Automate onboarding to deliver always-on support

Rather than continuing onboarding practices that don’t scale, don’t last, and don’t leave customers in a position to thrive, companies are turning to product-experience software for better ways of ramping up users. Pendo’s all in one platform lets onboarding teams deploy timely, contextual, and relevant support to users—whether they’re your customers or your employees—where and when they need it most: in the app itself, as they’re using it. 

The best thing about this automated onboarding? There’s no limit on the amount of users you can support simultaneously with it. It scales easily, leading to an onboarding motion that’s conducive to and sustainable throughout periods of high user growth. Pendo recently created a value calculator to help companies put concrete dollar amounts on the savings that automated in-app onboarding creates.

The roadmap to cost savings

The savings Pendo provides to businesses doesn’t stop at onboarding. The same in-app messaging system used to guide customers or employees through new ways of working or using a product also powers a robust and comprehensive feedback management system that can be used to hone your product roadmap. Why waste time and money building the wrong things that don’t match up with what your users want or need? By keeping a finger on the pulse of user sentiment, expectations, and requests, you can make sure your priorities align with your customers’. 

The last thing you want to do is waste time and money building the wrong things. Pendo has found that up to 80% of features that are built go unused. Don’t be part of that statistic. Instead, see how alignment gained equates to dollars saved. Explore this value calculator to put a number on what Pendo’s roadmap optimization capabilities will save you. 

Product experience software makes software better—not just for users, but for the businesses that make or buy it as well. Interested in learning more about how Pendo drives value? Sign up for a free demo today.