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Introducing our Pendo world customer tour

Published Oct 18, 2019

There’s really nothing I love more about my work than hearing from our customers. Ask anyone on the Pendo team—I get a big charge from an amazing customer story or a not-so-amazing one. These stories can either make or break my day. 

But they also inspire me to do whatever it takes, day in and day out, to ensure our customers get the most value from Pendo. This is why we set “maniacal focus on the customer” as a core value in the early days of the company.

As I prepared for and thought about this week’s funding announcement, I couldn’t shake this feeling of thanks for the many customers who have supported our growth from startup to scale up to category leader over the past six years. While I’m happy that we’ve committed to the reunion and celebration that is Pendomonium, that single week each year is simply not enough time. I want to visit with customers year-round, to learn from them, listen to their feedback and thank them for supporting Pendo and helping us build an amazing product that gets better all the time.

Today, I’m announcing plans to visit a dozen cities around the world over the next year. My plan is to meet with customers over meals and at their offices. Our marketing team probably has something up their sleeves as well. We will announce the tour details soon. In the meantime, if you’d like us to consider your city for a visit, please shoot me a note at tolson (at)