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All the news you missed at SaaStr

Published Mar 12, 2020

What happens when trade shows close their doors to ensure the health and safety of conference attendees? Putting our heads together with 20 fellow SaaS companies, we decided not to hold off on the news we’d each lined up for SaaStr Annual. Yesterday, we hosted the “All the news you missed at SaaStr” virtual event featuring rapid-fire product announcements from 21 SaaS vendors, including Zendesk, G2, ActiveCampaign, Hired, Bandwidth, and more.

We rounded up the announcements below so you get all the news without needing to rub elbows with conference attendees. And if you missed the live virtual event, you can watch the webinar right here.


Here’s a quick recap of each company’s announcements from the virtual event:

1. Pendo 

Pendo announced a new offering aimed to help startup companies accelerate product market fit, and prove that product traction to early stage investors. “Pendo for Startups” gives companies access to the product usage data that today’s investors consider alongside business metrics as they vet deals, as well as sentiment and guidance tools to improve product usage and adoption. 

Learn how Pendo can help companies go from startup to scale-up here

2. Sendoso

Sendoso previewed the 2020 direct mail and gifting trends from their upcoming “State of Sending” report, scheduled for release on March 31. Dan Frohnen, CMO of Sendoso, explained why companies continue to increase their monthly sends, why integrations are more important than ever and how companies are getting creative in what they send. 

Head over to Sendoso’s website to read up on the soon-to-be-released “State of Sending” report.   

3. Hired

Hired talked about how they’re giving companies unprecedented flexibility for tech hiring. They announced a new “Hired Flex” option with a flexible monthly and pay-per-hire rate, a “Self Service” signup for startups to get immediate access to Hired’s marketplace, and announced that “Hired Assessments” will now be a part of every package to democratize opportunity through skills-based hiring.

Go to Hired’s website to learn more about their news.   

4. Predictable Revenue 

Predictable Revenue outlined the four pillars of outbound sales development and talked about how they’re helping companies investigate markets before building out sales teams, and also explained how the company helps customers create a link between targeting and messaging. 

Learn more about Predictable Revenue at their site

5. Zendesk 

Zendesk updated the Zendesk Support Suite with the new Agent Workspace. The Agent Workspace has been completely redesigned to help agents focus on conversations with customers, regardless of channel. The company also announced the “Zendesk for Startups Program” which offers qualified startups free access to Zendesk Support Suite for six months, online office hours, and access to partner and community resources, content and events.   

For major launches across Zendesk’s product offerings, check out

6. Blissfully 

Blissfully unveiled their SaaS Trends 2020 report, hitting on a few highlights in the virtual presentation. According to Blissfully’s report: 

  • The typical mid-market company uses 185 different apps
  • SaaS app usage across all companies is up 30%, and spend is up 50%
  • ~80% of the top 100 SaaS apps are HQ’d in US, more heavily-concentrated than broader tech.
  • About half of the top 100 SaaS apps are still private, with an average backing of ~$100M.

The full report is available at  

7. Bandwidth

Bandwidth announced their “SaaS Developer Suite” making it easier for SaaS companies to integrate a powerful and unique combination of telecom features. Bandwidth’s nationwide network is built to support scale, provide deeper insights to help prevent user dissatisfaction, and by removing the middleman, SaaS companies enjoy direct-to-carrier pricing. 

Learn more about Bandwidth’s new communications API suite built for scaling SaaS companies here, or schedule a meeting today to get the conversation going.

8. SaaSOptics 

SaaSOptics announced new integrations with Pipedrive and Xero, updated functionality with RevenueBooks’ “Revenue Recognition,” and new features including collections and dunning. 

Head over to to book a demo and learn how you can receive a $95 e-gift card to Warby Parker for the glasses of your choice. 

9. Chartio 

Chartio announced “Visual SQL,” an intuitive interface that’s easy enough for anyone and powerful enough for SQL pros. With Visual SQL, people across your company will be able to explore and understand your data. 

Go to to learn more about the new interface. 

10. ClientSuccess 

ClientSuccess, the customer growth platform, launched new solutions earlier this week to help customer success become a more strategic growth lever for your company. With their proactive and predictable revenue management tools, CS teams can manage their revenue cycle from new to renew. 

To learn how to marry all of your customer health and feedback data to drive insights and build more accurate revenue forecasts, go to 

11. G2 

G2 announced that G2 Buyer Intent now works with LinkedIn Matched Audiences to help you target (or retarget) accounts that have recently viewed your profile, category or competitors on G2. You can bow build an audience on LinkedIn based on your G2 Buyer Intent data to ensure the warmest, most active prospects are seeing and engaging with your content.

Harness your buyers’ intent today on LinkedIn by getting started at

12. ActiveCampaign  

ActiveCampaign expanded its sales functionality, launched a new integration with Shopify and, to celebrate SaaStr, they’re offering the second month free with free implementation and migration. 

Go to to learn how they can help you put the right emails in front of the right people. 

13. Cobalt

Cobalt unveiled a lineup of product enhancements to deliver the first-of-its-kind find-to-fix workflow to remediate security vulnerabilities. With a delivery model that standardizes cost with unit of work, a Pentest Wizard self-starter guide, more granular categorization of vulnerability findings and the ability for teams to communicate back-and-forth online and in-platform through JIRA, Cobalt helps you pinpoint, track and address security vulnerabilities. 

Request a demo here.

14. LogRocket

The company announced LogRocket Professional which provides better insights to help customers better understand the impact of problems in their web apps. With LogRocket Professional, you’ll receive frontend performance metrics, monitoring in console and the ability to create metrics from the console. 

To get a demo and learn more about the new offering, go to

15. CustomerSuccessBox

CustomerSuccessBox announced “Sheldon,” a new AI-engine to help customer success teams improve MRR Retention. Sheldon helps analyze data points, tells you where and when to intervene, and gets smarter every day. 

Go to to learn how your teams can get to 130%+ MRR Retention with AI-powered CustomerSuccessBox. 

16. Owl Labs 

Owl Labs showcased the award-winning “Meeting OWL Pro” with 360° camera, mic and speaker. The 360° camera at the top allows you to see every person in the room, and the intelligence identifies who’s speaking so everyone feels like they’re in the room together. 

For SaaStr, the team is offering $100 off your first Meeting Owl with the code: SAASTR20. Shop for your smart video conferencing camera at

17. ProfitWell

ProfitWell announced the re-release of its core product—ProfitWell Metrics—a free, accurate subscription financial metrics product that plugs into your billing system to give you access to the data you need. The company also unveiled ProfitWell Benchmarks to see how your company stacks up against similar firms. 

Head over to or to learn more about the announcements. 

18. announced “Tray Embedded,” a solution that helps companies quickly scale product integrations. Tray Embedded enables you to leverage Tray’s low-code builder and 500 different pre-built SaaS connectors to go out and build native integrations for your SaaS applications. 

Learn how to deliver integrations faster, and have coffee on the team! Head over to the company’s website to get started. 

19. Chargebee

Chargebee offers subscription billing and revenue operations for fast-growing B2B SaaS companies. Chargebee helps companies grow by offering enterprise-class sophistication without having to sacrifice startup-level agility. 

The company released a number of updates to help customers—you can take a look at

20. ChurnZero

ChurnZero, the company that helps subscription businesses fight customer churn, today announced the “Churn Monster Playbook” to help companies map out strategies to identify and fight churn. 

Learn more about ChurnZero’s playbook and their real-time customer success platform at

21. Chargify

Chargify unveiled a new era of value pricing with “Event-Based Billing.” After acquiring and integrating into Chargify’s systems, the company now offers the ability to test your pricing before they go live, bill any aspect of an event and use real-time data to prepare your company to grow and evolve. 

Talk to a B2B SaaS expert at to learn how to link the value of your product to the invoice your customer receives.