3 key benefits of the best digital adoption solutions

Published Feb 27, 2024
What to look for—and avoid—in a digital adoption platform.

As businesses begin bringing their 2024 goals to life, technology continues to change at an unprecedented pace. That includes the software employees use every day at work—both to plan and execute on initiatives and to collaborate with one another as they do so.

And while companies often have big plans when it comes to investing in the right workplace tech, they don’t always see the ROI they hoped for. In fact, McKinsey found in a sobering study that the vast majority of digital transformation projects fail. They fail because they don’t account for the actual employee experience (as opposed to what managers assume that experience is), nor do they take the right steps to support and guide employees to success.

Enter: digital adoption platforms. This kind of platform, which layers on top of software products, apps, and/or websites, helps users build proficiency by guiding them through key tasks and providing contextual information as they navigate the product. With the best digital adoption solutions in hand, businesses can empower their talent to perform at their peak, and support employees in executing business-critical workflows within and across the apps they rely on. But how do you know which is the right solution to choose? Here are three things to look for that the best digital adoption solutions offer. 

1. They get employees up and running fast

Remember: Digital adoption solutions are critical to helping businesses realize ROI on their internal software portfolio. The last thing you want is a solution that actually makes that ROI weaker. And yet some solutions that market themselves as leaders in the field actually cause more headaches in the long-run. Bloated, clunky interfaces, weeks of time-consuming, mandatory consultations with professional services teams, and steep learning curves all lead to wasted time and money. The result is yet another piece of pricey shelfware exacerbating the problem it was meant to solve. 

In contrast, the best digital adoption solutions are ones that digital transformation teams can start leveraging, fast. Pendo, for example, gives internal product owners, IT teams, and business transformation admins everything they need—right in one place. We are committed to setting our customers up for success quickly, and prioritize getting users up and running in a matter of weeks, not months. 

2. They make it easy to experiment with, iterate on, and measure the impact of support motions

It’s table stakes for a digital adoption solution to provide employees in-app guidance and support within and across applications. But for internal PMs, IT, and other business transformation teams to know whether that support is actually working, they need to be able to quantify its effect. 

Pendo’s rich analytics help these—and other teams—clearly gauge the impact of their in-app guides, onboarding motions, and other forms of support.  Whether it’s reduced support tickets, reduced time spent on a process, or a boost in internal NPS after a process or support change, Pendo provides robust insights to help quantify the results of your digital transformation and support motions. And it also allows you to build a culture of iteration and experimentation—for example, conducting guide experiments so you can see the impact your in-app guides have on how well employees complete certain tasks and workflows.

3. They make driving governance and compliance easy

Just as important as measuring the impact of guides and in-app support on things like adoption and time to completion is seeing whether those motions are helping employees use software in the ways that are expected of them. When employees don’t use software as intended, performance can suffer, goals can go unmet, and a business can even find itself in legal or regulatory jeopardy. No matter what you make or sell, it’s extremely important to be able to understand how your employees are leveraging the tools at their disposal. 

Pendo’s cross-app analytics make it easy to ensure that employees are completing tasks in the desired—and required—ays. Our comprehensive platform was purpose-built to govern internal software usage, and allows you to create highly customizable dashboards in order to oversee and govern your digital adoption strategy from a single source of truth. Gone are the days of having to toggle back and forth between multiple point solutions. 

Pendo empowers employees and transforms your digital workplace

The best digital adoption solutions are those that empower

They empower internal PM and IT teams to create the right support motions (and ensure they’re effective). They empower employees to use the digital tools that help them move the needle for their company. And they empower businesses to save time, money, and drive greater productivity and efficiency.

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