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10 Reasons to Attend Pendomonium 2019

Published Jun 14, 2019

Pendomonium is more than just our annual user conference. It’s vital time together with our community to celebrate one another’s accomplishments, help each other overcome challenges more quickly, and set out to be a little better than the year before. When it comes to forming new perspectives, nothing beats in-person conversations and immersive experiences. We’re excited to explore what it means to be product led.

We believe the best companies are those that are aligned on creating a product experience that anticipates user needs, and addresses them such that customers’ lives are made easier. From writing the first line of code to publishing content that draws attention to the finished product, we all in some way are on the product team. Great products are now the single most important determinant of category leadership, which is why the product-led conversation is so timely.

But in case we haven’t sold you just yet, here are ten more reasons to attend Pendomonium 2019.

10 Reasons to Attend Pendomonium 2019

Talk Shop
Come hang out with 1,000 of your closest friends at #Pendomonium19. Talk shop, network, rub elbows, whatever you want to call it—whether you’re looking to hire, find a new role, learn from your peers, mentor a rising star, or just be surrounded by those who “get you,” Pendomonium is the hub for product manager networking.

Up Your Pendo Game
At Pendomonium we have an entire track dedicated to Pendo Best Practices. Whether you’re just getting started, or are a veritable “Pendo Wizard,” learn how others are making the most out of Pendo.

Three Four Is a Magic Number
We have four different talk tracks for you to choose from this year. Whether you’re in product, customer success, or marketing, there’s a place for you at Pendomonium. Stay the course, or hit one of each. Either way, when you roll your chair up to your desk on September 13th, you’re going to be armed with practical new ways to approach your job.

The Team, The Team, The Team
U of M fans will get this reference, but everyone knows the importance of getting your team away from their desks to spend intentional time together. Spend an additional day at Pendomonium with a dedicated workspace and facilitated workshop.

Pendo Power User Bootcamp
New to this year’s conference is an optional bootcamp for Pendo admins held the day before the main event. Grow from a Pendo newbie to a power user all in one day, and feel empowered to go back and train your team, too!

Party with Pendozers
You know we couldn’t throw an event without a rockin’ party. Come celebrate with good food, better beer, and a whole lot of Pendozers.

Become Product Led
We can’t stress this enough. Learn how today’s top-performing companies are centering their organizations around product. Dig into topics like product-led design, growth, and success alongside a wide array of passionate Pendo community members. Speakers include Ambient Strategy CEO and author, April Dunford, and Elias Torres, founder and CTO of Drift.

“Moments That Matter”
We’re taking a cue from last year’s talk by Dan Heath and adding tiny delightful moments throughout the event. With swag drops, a scavenger hunt, lightning talks, and more, plan to be pleasantly surprised.

City of Oaks
We love being HQed in Raleigh, North Carolina. Spend two (or more!) days appreciating all this southern city has to offer— including, but not limited to, charm and butter.

Masters of Craft
This year we’ve selected keynotes who have become masters of craft through discipline, failure, and endurance. Start each day with the ~feels~ and leave feeling inspired and empowered to make big moves.