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Pendo Integrates with Salesforce to Deliver Product Intelligence to Go-to-Market Teams

Raleigh, NC – October 03, 2016 – Pendo, a data-driven platform that helps companies deliver great software, today announced new integration capabilities with Salesforce. The integration enables Pendo users to leverage data stored in Salesforce to personalize and improve their product’s experience. It also allows Salesforce users to have product usage data integrated directly into their CRM system.


Through the Pendo and Salesforce integration, joint customers have a unified view of product data and customer data through both software platforms. Combining all lead, contact, account and opportunity data with every action a user or customer has taken inside a product creates a uniquely powerful view of prospects and customers.

With the integration, accounts and contacts can be pulled into Pendo directly from Salesforce. Product data can be sliced and diced based on Salesforce attributes, and those details can be used to create in-application messaging and personalized guides for specific visitor segments. At the same time, product usage from accounts and users can be incorporated into Salesforce reports and views. This product usage data can also be used to trigger Salesforce workflows and other follow-up activities.

New insights from the integration can be used to increase the effectiveness of prospective clients’ product trials, to engage more effectively with clients within their software, influence customer renewals and identify up-sell opportunities. One use case is the triggering of outreach based on observed behavior in a software application. For example, if the frequency of logins for a particular account drops significantly, a salesforce task could automatically be created that prompts a customer success representative to reach out to the at risk account.

“Our continuing integration efforts with Salesforce provide valuable usage data that empowers both customer success and product teams,” said Todd Olson, CEO and co-founder at Pendo. “Product usage is one of the main early indicators of customer health. The data that can be harnessed through these new capabilities will help teams improve the quality and usage of their software and have a direct impact on whether or not a company’s customers will keep coming back.”

Pendo is a simple snippet of code that is added to software applications to enhance their capabilities. Pendo extends software products to capture user behavior, gather feedback, and guide users. With Pendo, customers can understand and guide their users, enabling them to get more value from their software and deliver better product experiences.

Pendo and strategic partner Gainsight will be exhibiting at Dreamforce this year. The annual user and developer conference, held by Salesforce, will take place October 4-7, 2016 in San Francisco, CA. Stop by booth #1834 to learn more.

About Pendo

Pendo was founded when alumni from Rally, Google, Cisco and Red Hat combined their heads and hearts to build something they wanted but never had as product managers – a simple way to understand and attack what truly drives an amazing product experience. With powerful analytics, in-application user feedback, and contextual guidance designed to help companies measure and elevate the customer’s experience within their applications, Pendo is on a mission to improve society’s experiences with software. Pendo is proudly built in North Carolina but engineered to scale globally without losing that soul. For more information, visit: