What’s Your (PM) Sign?

Are you a Healer, a Mage, or an Adventurer? What do the product management stars have to say about your future?

For a little bit of hands-on fun at our ProductCraft Conference event back in February, we created a “What’s your product management sign?” quiz for attendees to take. Now we’re sharing it with everyone for a bit of much-needed fun. If you’ve ever enjoyed reading your horoscope, you might get a kick out of the eight different “PM signs.”

The Herald

Spreadsheets, Jira tickets, Miro boards, whatever it is, you have it handled. Others say you’re a Type A product manager, but why would you strive for anything else? Some PMs might feel hemmed in by boxes, but you see all the possibilities to innovate. Constraints don’t bother you; in fact, you appreciate the structure they provide. You’re organized and process-driven. You’re also transparent and efficient, and you deliver on your commitments, usually earlier than you said you would.

The Healer

You thrive when connecting with others, and your talents make you incredible at customer interviews and gathering user feedback. You’re a natural empath, and your soft skills stand out in the product management crowd. After all, the best PMs are advocates for their users and their team. Servant leadership isn’t just a buzzword to you — it’s your whole product management philosophy.

The Scholar

Data is your love language. You’re all about metrics, benchmarks, and the like. You know exactly what you’re talking about, and you have the numbers to back it up. Your decisions are data-informed, and this makes you great at testing hypotheses and experimenting. You believe data is the best way to validate all product decisions, and that all paths lead back to the raw numbers.

The Alchemist

You’re exceptional at cross-functional collaboration. Others might dread working with others, but you know the intersection between all functions is where the magic really happens. You lean into your relationships with other teams and you’re transparent about your expectations. Hackathon is your favorite time of the year because cross-functional collaboration really is the best ingredient for innovation.

The Seer

You’re an innovative visionary with a gift for seeing the big picture. The future might make some people anxious, but it just excites you. You’re subscribed to all the latest tech news, and you’re up-to-date with every industry trend. You can see your roadmap in six months, a year, and even longer. You’re the type of product manager that wants to be at the frontier of all groundbreaking new tech.

The Mage

You’re amazing at all the tools and tech that it takes to be a great product manager. You know your tech stack inside and out, and others are amazed by how well you wield tools. Questions about integrations and APIs? You have all of the answers. You’re the product team’s designated troubleshooter, and you could probably give an amazing demo with your eyes closed and with spotty Wi-Fi.

The Adventurer

You’re a deeply curious person. When customers come to you with feature requests, you embark on a journey to figure out the “how” and “why.” You’re willing to go down the rabbit hole of support tickets in order to find out what’s going wrong, or right. While others might shy away from seeking too much negative feedback, you embrace it because you know that all feedback is a gift.

The Artisan

You’re detail-focused and driven by your craft. You probably grew up wanting to be a product manager before even knowing it was a career. You’ve always been proud to be a PM and your breadth of knowledge illustrates that. You know the product manager is the mini-CEO of the product, and you’re not afraid to get into a debate about it. You’re the voice of the product and the customer, and you know it.

So … what’s your sign (we swear, we’re not asking in a creepy pickup line kind of way)? Take our fast and fun quiz to find out. As a bonus, you’ll get your product management horoscope for 2020. Will you need to focus on your analytical skills or spend more time interviewing customers? Should you seek out new sources of inspiration or turn inward to your own imagination and experience? Get the answers here.