Trends Fosters Improved Insights and In-App Analysis

Written by Agnes Sokol  | 

3 min


To create products that customers love and can’t live without, product managers need to grasp how different types of users engage with their products and features.

They need to ask questions like:

  • Which user segments are adopting a new feature at high rates and which ones are sluggish?
  • How can I consolidate various user data points into a single chart or report for deeper understanding?
  • How can I better analyze my A/B test results?
  • How can I compare segments of users on an ongoing basis to capture behavioral analysis over time?

This isn’t always easy. Product teams often rely on manual reports – combing through spreadsheets to filter out segments, or beg for development and data science resource time to build custom reports.

Pendo’s new set of analytics allows for side-by-side comparisons of feature usage as well as user segments to help product managers understand how different parts of the product are performing, and to drive deeper insight into the behavior or various types of users.

Using Trends, product teams can see direct comparisons of product features to understand how performance is trending over time, as well as compare user segment behavior and usage.

This gives Pendo users the ability to develop better insights with improved, in-app analysis (without having to export to Excel). You can also leverage six new sample segments for all subscriptions as well as two sample comparative analytics reports for all subscriptions and save reports to your dashboard.

Save Time:

Product teams need insight on the features they build and how their user base adopts them to make informed decisions, but can find themselves digging through a mountain of metrics, charts and data and spending hours upon hours searching for the vital differences between segments.

This manual digging is not only tedious but also time-consuming, taking you away from driving progress without providing certainty that you have not missed a key segment difference that would make a difference to product success.

Increase Efficiency:

It is now easier than ever to directly compare how various users are using different parts of your product. Trends streamlines the process and allows you to gather insights faster and make better, more efficient decisions in real-time.

Gather Insight Over Time:

Having the ability to look at different types of users across various time frames is also vital. You have a wide array of users in your applications — all of whom have different experiences using your product. It is therefore paramount to be able to look at different segments in order to gain comparative insights and track adoption, usage and retention over time.

Personalize the Experience:

Pendo has always supported segments (behavior, demographic) but we now allow you to overlay segments to see where your product is failing, and where it is succeeding with different segments of users.

This evolution highlights the full power of segmentation and allows for greater actionable insight to better understand and personalize the product experience for every type of user in your product.

Trends is a powerful way to track usage, adoption as well as retention, and will help product teams make decisions faster with a greater depth of insight. Log in to Pendo to check it out.