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SaaStr 2017 Checklist

Published Feb 6, 2017

Six things you won’t want to miss at SaaStr this year:

1. Start the Week Off Right with Happy Hour

There’s only one way to prep for your week at SaaStr- hors d’oeuvres, drinks & product tips. If you’re flying into San Fran early today, stop by the Pendo Happy Hour, hosted by Spark Capital. Starting at 5:30 pm, we’ll have drinks, hors d’oeuvres and great conversation to kick off the week. Who’s ready for bacon wrapped tidbits of deliciousness and Instagram-worthy cocktails?

2. Take a Picture with the Pendo Dino

Pendo Dino

See if you can find a six foot tall, exact replica of the notorious Pendo Dino outside the Billy Graham Civic Center. Spotted it yet? Don’t miss your chance to take a selfie with the dino and post it on twitter, tagging #SaaStrAnnual and @pendoio. And to say thanks, for every Twitter post, you can stop by our booth to pick up a treat. A rare spotting and a free stuff in one day? Best. SaaStr. Ever.

3. Take a Ride Around Town (on Us)

Need some fresh air? Step outside and hop in one of the Pendo pedicabs waiting to take you around the city or back to your hotel. They’re bright pink just like Pendo, so you can get where you’re going in style. Give us a shout-out on Twitter with your selfie, earn the admiration of Pink Pendozers everywhere and watch the retweets fall in line.

4. Eat a Cupcake

Because, why not? These earned rave reviews last year and more than a few requests to share them again. After all, a party without cake is just a meeting – thanks, Julia! Around the conference, you’ll find Pendo representatives serving up fresh cupcakes and SaaS best practices. So indulge and walk up an extra hill or two to burn those calories.

5. Iron Your Pink T- Shirt

On Wednesday, we’re celebrating Pendo #PinkDay. Everyone wearing a pink Pendo t-shirt on Wednesday, can stop by the Pendo booth to pick up a gift. If you’re a Pendo customer, but forgot your pink tee, come by our booth on Tuesday to pick up a fresh one.

6. Stop by Booth #1

We’ll be chanting “We’re Number 1” so you can’t miss us. We’ll also be handing out product tips and setting demos so you can be sure to bring back something your team will love. Can’t wait to see everyone there this year!