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Pendo’s Plan to Add 590 Jobs in Downtown Raleigh

Published Dec 3, 2018

Today marks an important milestone in Pendo’s history. With support from the state of North Carolina, Wake County and the city of Raleigh, Pendo is making a long-term commitment to Raleigh for our corporate headquarters. In the not-too-distant future, locals can expect to see Pendo’s logo atop a new tower in the city skyline.

Along with that splash of pink in the sky, we’ve committed to creating 590 new jobs over the next five years. We are grateful to the state, county and city for awarding job creation tax incentives as we work to achieve that goal. And we’re honored to make this announcement today alongside North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper at our offices here in Raleigh. A news release from the Governor’s office provides additional details about the incentives.

While Pendo has been creating jobs for quite some time—we total 180 employees in Raleigh and 260+ globally—our growth is much more certain than during the early startup days. The state’s incentive program made sense because we must plan for our future office needs today.

We’ll outgrow our current headquarters in the next two to three years. And because so few existing buildings have enough space to accommodate ~800 people, we expect to sign a lease in one of Raleigh’s newest downtown real estate projects, a building set to open in timing with our next expansion. We expect to make a decision in the first quarter of next year and to move by 2022.

Along with this announcement is a renewed commitment to developing our people. Governor Cooper is passionate about workforce development, both meeting the talent needs of existing employers and ensuring that North Carolinians have the skills and talent to compete for future jobs. We’re excited that the state has also allocated funds to Wake Tech Community College to help us design free training for our employees.

For our part, we will continue to support the development of our people through activities like:

  • Online and self-managed training techniques to more effectively onboard employees and provide ongoing company-wide training.
  • New hire orientation in our Raleigh office each month to provide a full company overview to new employees.
  • Management training courses and resources to support opportunities for growth within our organization and further enable strong management and employee support.
  • Company-wide training opportunities covering topics such as unconscious bias, interviewing best practices, and effective communication skills.
  • A dedicated learning budget and staff to support employee development.

One of our investors recently shared with an audience at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco that Pendo has the easiest time hiring of any their 20+ portfolio companies. We believe our Raleigh location has been and will continue to be a secret weapon, enabling us to find the best people and grow a category-leading technology company that transforms the way software is made.