Pendo named a Leader in Everest Group’s 2023 Digital Adoption Platforms PEAK Matrix® Assessment

We’re no strangers to standing out.

In our early days, most software companies had neutral color palettes. So we purposely chose pink as a brand color to make our mark. And this mindset extends beyond brand colors. We try to weave boldness into every choice we make—and we’re okay taking a different approach. 

When we looked at the Digital Adoption Platform space, we noticed vendors were primarily focused on in-app guides for employee-facing software. But they weren’t necessarily built with integrated analytics or support for customer-facing experiences in mind. We approached the market with a strong foundation: Supporting software that was built for customers, with added capabilities for software that’s bought and used by employees—all powered by an integrated platform with an analytics-first approach. We believe the success of the software you invest in is defined not just by what it does, but how it is actually used by your customers and/or employees

We’re excited to share that taking this unique path has led us to a very exciting milestone. Pendo has been recognized as a Leader in Everest Group’s DAP PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023. We believe this recognition highlights our differentiated approach, along with the value we deliver to our customers. 

“We are pleased to recognize Pendo as a Leader on DAP PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023. This positioning is a reflection of Pendo’s comprehensive approach to driving digital adoption, underpinned by strategic investments across guidance, analytics, and automation. Pendo’s analytics suite is one of its key differentiators. Furthermore, its robust roadmap, characterized by continuous efforts to develop Pendo AI, addition of client logos, and plans for global expansion places it on a growth trajectory within the DAP market.”
– Sharath Hari N, Vice President at Everest Group

Let’s take a look at some of the areas that led us to our position as a Leader. 

Comprehensive approach

“Pendo has one of the most mature DAP product portfolios for the customer-facing use cases for its buyers. The provider has invested in developing its capabilities for employee-facing use cases.” – Everest Group 

When we first launched Pendo, we expected product teams to use Pendo for their customer-facing applications. But then we noticed something interesting. Internal product managers—think people building custom apps for their employees—were using Pendo to track employees’ usage of internal applications, guide these employees, and measure the efficacy of their efforts. And we had other teams like HR, Rev Ops, and IT asking how they could use Pendo on apps they bought—like Salesforce, Workday, and more—too. 

This made sense. Despite those apps being used by an internal audience, they were very similar to customer-facing apps. So we expanded our platform to meet these increasingly expansive use cases. Today, Pendo can be used on software you build for customers, software you build for employees, and third-party software you buy for employees, all within a single platform. 

Differentiated analytics

“One of the main differentiators is the breadth and sophistication of the analytics that it offers.” – Everest Group 

We knew that in order to effectively build better software experiences, it was critical to start with a foundation rooted in data

If you plan to launch a new workflow without analytics, how will you know how successful your users are? If you plan to launch guides without measuring where or how they should be targeted, how will you reach the right audience at the time when they need to be reached?  

When you start with comprehensive analytics that can surface where guides are needed most, you can pinpoint them to the exact audience that needs support, at the exact time they need it, without bothering everyone else. This turns frustration into delight (good for your users) and empowers teams across the organization to make decisions backed with data, rather than gut feel (good for your business). 

We also knew that analytics had to be accessible to every team member using Pendo, not just technical team members or data scientists. Pendo offers retroactive analytics that automatically collect every click, screen, and page load—all without tracking code. 

Robust roadmap

“Has a robust AI-driven product roadmap.” – Everest Group 

Looking ahead, we’re continuing to invest in our platform, with a number of exciting upcoming announcements at our annual customer conference, Pendomonium

And in case you missed it, we recently announced Pendo AI, which takes our all-in-one product experience platform and enhances it with artificial intelligence. AI-powered features are already available within Pendo, including Workflow Suggestions that can surface workflow inefficiencies and offer recommendations for how to alleviate them. Pendo automatically uncovers which steps might need intervention, and provides suggestions for how to improve the user journey.

A different kind of Leader

We’d love for you to see all the things that make us different for yourself. Talk to our team or try Pendo for free today. 

To learn more about Pendo’s placement, you can download a complimentary copy of the Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 — Focus On Pendo report.