Introducing SaaS Portfolio Insights and Cross-App Everywhere: How Pendo Adopt is building a holistic view of your digital workplace

In order to truly thrive as a company, it’s important to have a digital workplace that is optimizing for business effectiveness. Pendo Adopt enables organizations to mature their digital workplace strategy, technology, and processes to achieve greater productivity and an improved employee experience. Since last year’s Pendomonium, we’ve been expanding and investing in unique capabilities that drive a holistic understanding of how work happens within and across software in the digital workplace. 


SaaS Portfolio Insights

Optimizing software use, spend, and sprawl

We recognize that your digital workplace tech stack is the foundation for an amazing employee experience. During the pandemic, we saw the growth of SaaS sprawl—the proliferation of apps for apps’ sake, many of them duplicative of one another, within company business technology portfolios. This had a negative impact on both employee experience and operational productivity. To drive greater efficiency and optimize the digital workplace experience, IT and business systems leaders are looking for ways to glean insights and take action to reduce sprawl in, improve ROI on, and drive business effectiveness from their SaaS portfolios.

Pendo Adopt has built an out-of-the-box solution for discovering SaaS portfolio insights by bringing in app-level usage data. All you need is the name of the app and a URL to get started with Portfolio View. From there, you can view product usage data filtered by metadata categories you’ve brought into Pendo, such as office, team, or role. In addition, we’ve recently released License Utilization, which allows customers to bring license count information into Adopt so that they can better understand how software is being utilized relative to the number of seats or licenses purchased, and where they can focus adoption energy to get more value from their SaaS spend.

Usage data alone doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story, so we’ve also layered in Engagement data to the license utilization view, to help you make business decisions based on how your employees actually use the tools they’ve been given. Do they only view a report once a week or are they really getting value out of the full license you’ve purchased? Let Engagement visitor data point you in the right direction for further investigation.

Pendo Adopt: SaaS Portfolio Insights


Cross-App Everywhere

Driving adoption and productivity for the processes that power your business

Modern organizations employ tens, and even hundreds of distinct apps that employees use throughout their day to day work. Sales tech stacks, for example, consist of multiple apps that employees use in concert with one another to complete processes as vital as transferring leads to Salesforce, providing accurate quotes, and reaching out to prospects and log calls. These processes commonly weave between the CRM, sales enablement tools, and other applications, and can become complex and difficult to explain. This is why Pendo Adopt has continued to invest in new functionality that enables our customers to better understand the completion of cross-app processes and create cross-app guides to drive process compliance and understanding. 

It all starts with increasing visibility and accountability using Cross-app paths and workflows – from increasing process adoption to improving process efficiency. By baselining workflow adoption using workflow completion and baselining productivity using “average time to complete,” customers can now hone in on the process challenges that may be impeding business outcomes. Built for both recurring and non-recurring processes, workflows can also be used to target in-app communication and guidance to employees who have not yet completed a process via user segmentation

Pendo Adopt: Cross-app paths and workflows

In addition, Pendo Adopt now has Cross-App Guides and Guide metrics so that one business process only needs one guide. A Pendo user can now easily create a new cross-app guide by unifying two or more existing guides into a single one—no linking involved. And guide editing is simple—because we know processes change, and your guide may need to as well. Edit in line from the module or drag and drop. No coding or back-end overrides required. Lastly, our guide metrics are in a single view, making it easier to understand where users fall off, what apps they may not be using, and how process adoption is going.

Pendo Adopt: Cross-App Guides and Guide metrics


Additional features and enhancements

  • Privacy enhancements
    Selective URLs now provide the ability to narrow what pages are collecting usage data by writing regular expressions to match explicit App URLs. For example, configure the extension on LinkedIn to only capture LinkedIn Sales Navigator activity and exclude all other that might be for personal use.
  • Workday Suggested Page Tagging
    Get to analytics faster with out-of-the-box suggested page tagging for Workday. Once Workday is added to your subscription, you will be provided a list of suggested pages that you can tag. The ability to review and accept in bulk these tags accelerates your time to insights when implementing Pendo Adopt for Workday.
  • Browser & Metadata Expansions
    Pendo Adopt is now available for both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. In addition, Pendo Adopt now has an Okta workflow connector to bring in Metadata more easily.


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