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In a World Without Manuals

Published Mar 4, 2015

Getting more from Pendo (Part 1). Communication about Features.

One of the the goals of this blog is to provide short, actionable ideas about how you can improve your product’s user experience and your product engagement. This first post in that series focuses on how in-application messaging and analytics can be used with feature releases and maintenance announcements.

Track the success of a new feature launch.

As a product team, launching a new feature shouldn’t be the end of the story. Using Pendo, you can track the usage of that feature post-launch to see how your customers adopt it. Poorly adopted features can be improved upon, advertised (see In-App Guides) or at least learned from for future launches.

Announce new features

Announce new features and releases.

Be it a single feature, or an entire release, with Pendo you can communicate with your customers in-context. Point to the exact items that changed in the application, and tell them why it’s so valuable, and how to use it. You can even target guides to specific sets of users based on your account or usage data.

Notify users of downtime.

Will your app be negatively affected by a maintenance window? Tell your users within the application before or during that window.

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