How we support data privacy and transparency with Pendo Adopt

Published Sep 12, 2022

At Pendo, we believe that privacy and transparency matter. That’s why we’ve taken steps to ensure Pendo Adopt, our employee-facing digital adoption solution, supports employees wishing to understand how their data is used. 

Pendo Adopt’s Privacy Center appears as a purple chevron in each customer’s browser — when an employee clicks on the purple chevron, they’re brought to a menu that highlights every URL collecting data, and a description of the data collected. We also link to a detailed description of our privacy standards. 

We drive awareness to the Privacy Center in the following ways: 

  • An in-app tooltip appears next to the chevron when a user logs in for the first time to an application with Pendo Adopt installed.

  • Our Pendo Adopt Resource Center (an always-on help center for employees) includes a module that directs employees to the Privacy Center so they can learn about our employee data privacy practices.

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