The Pendo Employee Data Privacy Pledge

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Every company wants its employees 
to feel empowered at work.

Pendo Adopt boosts employee productivity in the digital workplace and helps IT, digital transformation, and operations teams realize the full benefit of their software investments. We do this by guiding employees through the most effective workflows within and across business applications.

Accomplishing this goal requires us to collect business-related data, such as page loads and event clicks, to help organizations guide workers to successful usage.

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Software adoption and optimization platforms, like Adopt, increase business success by helping employees leverage the full value of the tools they are afforded by the company. They are not designed to, nor should they be contorted to, broadly monitor employees’ digital activity. Simply, adoption systems should maximize the value derived from company-supplied software, not track time or activity spent on personal-use websites.

This is why we are publicly issuing The Pendo Employee Data Privacy Pledge. In keeping with our organizational commitment to transparency, we urge all software adoption platforms to join us in ensuring every employee has an easy, in-app way to view which sites and behaviors are optimized by their employer.

The Pendo Employee Data Privacy 
Pledge comprises the following 
standards of transparency

We will provide an easy-to-access privacy page to provide employees with details about the relationship between their in-app actions and the guidance they receive. This includes:

  • A) A list of every application on which the digital adoption system is running.
  • B) An explanation of the types of data collected, actions captured, and how the data will be used to increase productivity.
We will urge our customers to not collect any more data than is necessary to increase employee productivity. Further, we urge them to only install their digital adoption software on business-critical, company-supplied products.

Learn how we support data privacy and transparency with Pendo Adopt

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We believe a great digital workplace 
is built on employee trust

We encourage any company that’s considering investing in a software adoption or digital workplace management solution to confirm that their preferred vendor adheres to the principles of The Pendo Employee Data Privacy Pledge.