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How the Pendo-Segment Integration Powers Product Operations

Published Sep 25, 2019

We are excited to announce that Pendo now supports bi-directional data exchange with Segment. This integration enables product analytics and in-app interactions to be connected to existing workflows and business data, creating a more seamless and effective product management lifecycle.

As the product journey requires an expanding tech stack while generating an increasing amount of data, organizations are appointing product ops specialists to, among other responsibilities, manage technical infrastructure and ensure product data informs product decision-making.  With the Pendo / Segment integration, product managers and their counterparts in product operations and customer success can alleviate these burdens by unlocking the product analytics power of Pendo.

In modern SaaS software, curated customer data can lead to more informed feature release decisions — or sprawling data can cause release gridlock. It’s tricky business to, for example, determine which customer cohorts should be first exposed to a new feature, and which should be introduced later. By leveraging Pendo’s data and a feature flagging solution, product teams can automatically turn on a feature once a customer matches a Pendo segment, thereby automating a once time-consuming, manual workflow. 

Extend in-app guidance

With Pendo’s integration with Segment, product teams can extend in-app guidance deeper into the product experience. For example, in partnership with product ops, a product manager can now trigger follow-up emails or text messages to a customer after they’ve completed a walkthrough on a new feature. The two-way integration extends the in-app guidance to reach customers, whether they are in your application or checking their emails throughout the day, enabling a more fluid and natural interaction.  

Closing the loop of product data

A popular software category, especially for SaaS businesses, is customer relations software — products that help customer success teams manage interactions with their customers and determine which users may need extra attention. Yet none of these solutions can answer a simple, essential question: what exactly is the customer doing inside of the product at any given moment? Together Pendo and Segment now feed Pendo event information into customer support tools so that customer success managers (CSMs) may understand when a particular user might have submitted a form, or tried out that new feature they’ve requested. Additionally, when an account is up for renewal, CSMs can now enter negotiations armed with insights into which parts of the product the customer has derived the most value from. 


Pendo is thrilled to launch a bi-directional Segment integration that helps our joint customers drive greater value from both products. 

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