How Pendo’s integrations enable product-led decision making across your entire organization

Published Nov 8, 2021

Product-led companies are user-obsessed. For them, nothing matters more than delivering a product that anticipates and answers users’ needs—in a simple, intuitive, and enjoyable way.

Today, people choose to buy from product-led companies over traditional companies because of that experience. They like trying out a tool for free. They appreciate being able to help themselves when they want. They know they can try and buy new features in-app when they want, without friction. They fall in love with beautiful, intuitive software and can’t go back. 

The product-led challenge

At Pendo, helping software companies deliver this product-led experience is our cause. Our platform shows you how people use your software, then gives you the tools to guide users to success, all while measuring and iterating along the way. These product insights are crucial for building (and remaining) a product-led organization. 

But even with the right tools, it’s not easy. A product-led strategy is not something that one person or team can implement on their own (most people learn this the hard way). 

For it to work, your whole company needs to align around the product. This requires a common product language, increased collaboration, shared goals, and broken silos. In order for teams to row in the same direction and truly embrace a product-led mindset, they need to democratize data and work toward shared metrics. 

The power of integrating your product data

This is why we’ve invested so heavily in integrations at Pendo. Integrations are the lifeblood of product-led organizations. By integrating product data across teams and tools, it creates a shared language, breaks down silos, and greases the wheels of collaboration. 

Integrating Pendo across your stack means you’re able to democratize product data that used to exclusively be available to product teams. Marketing, sales, support, and leadership can (and should) use Pendo product data to accomplish their goals as much as the product team. This allows teams to create a consistent product experience across the entire customer journey.

How we’re making it easier to find Pendo integrations

Integrations are powerful, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Here’s what we’re doing to help you discover and use the right Pendo integrations for your business: 

Integrations fuel product-led strategies

Product-led companies win because they obsess over creating the best possible experience. And while we at Pendo we’re obsessed with helping companies become more product led, the right tools are only part of the battle. 

To be truly product led, you have to get every team aligned around the product and driving toward the same goals. With Pendo’s integrations ecosystem, you can easily share that product data with every team so they can dig into product insights and immediately take action.