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Accelerate your product-led journey with the new Product-led Hub

Becoming product led is a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. And it certainly doesn’t happen in a silo. The road to product-led glory is paved with tactics and tools—and is wide open to organizations of all sizes, at all stages of maturity. 

But if you’re new to the concept of becoming product led, it can be hard to know where to start. And even if your digital transformation efforts are already well underway, there’s always more to learn and new ways to bring product-led approaches into your product experience and how you operate as a business.

That’s why we created the Product-led Hub. And today, we’re excited to announce that we’re relaunching the site with an entirely new—and significantly more robust—experience to demystify what it means to be product led, help you accelerate your digital transformation journey, and build your organization’s product-led muscle. 

Read on for a quick run-down of what’s new in the Product-led Hub, then go see it for yourself.


Learn why product led is the way forward

The new Hub was designed to help leaders and practitioners alike bring product-led strategies to their business, no matter what stage of the product-led journey they’re in. To introduce the concept of what it means to be product led—and how to apply its principles at enterprise scale—we’ve anchored the site around two key pieces that explore the value of becoming product led, and why it’s more important than ever.

The future of business is product led
Our point of view on why becoming product led is the way forward for modern businesses. This article explores the forces that have influenced the rise of the product-led movement, breaks down what product-led organizations do differently (and why they’re better equipped to succeed and stand the test of time), and explains why becoming product led is imperative in a world of escalating customer expectations.

The product-led way to digital transformation
A deep-dive into the role of product-led strategies in driving scalable digital transformation. This article examines the core pillars of exceptional digital experiences and underscores key product-led tactics teams across the enterprise can leverage.


Explore product-led best practices for product, marketing, and customer success teams

Because becoming product led is a team sport, we felt it was important to show each team across your organization the important role they can play in driving exceptional product experiences—and empower them to do it with product-led tactics. 

The new Product-led Hub includes a wealth of deep, prescriptive guidance to help teams of all sizes adopt a product-led mindset and leverage product-led strategies. We’re launching the new Hub with a focus on the following three functional areas, but will be adding more personas and topics of interest in the coming months:

We’ve produced a robust collection of brand-new articles for each of these groups, tailored for the priorities and jobs-to-be-done that matter most to them. For example:

  • For product teams: Learn how to unify your organization around the product experience while driving efficiency and innovation 
  • For marketing teams: Learn how to leverage the product to inspire, persuade, and convert customers into life-long advocates 
  • For customer success teams: Discover how product-led strategies can empower you to have more strategic conversations with customers so you can drive retention and expansion

Be sure to visit the Hub regularly, and sign up for our Product-led Newsletter to be the first to know whenever we add new content to the site.


Deepen your product-led knowledge with tools for your entire team

Finally, the new Tools menu on the Product-led Hub features a curated collection of resources to continue your product-led education and help you bring product-led approaches to teams throughout your business.

The Product-led Organization book
Written by Pendo CEO and Co-Founder, Todd Olson, The Product-led Organization expands on our product-led perspective and serves as a playbook for teams looking to bring product-led strategies to their business.

The Product-led Organization workshop
This workshop series is designed to help you put the concepts from Todd’s book into practice and turn your product into a growth engine for your business. Unlock every module and start bringing a product-led approach to every part of your organization.

The product-led video series
A curated (and growing) collection of videos, webinars, and thought leadership about what it means to be product led and how product-led approaches are evolving functional areas throughout the enterprise. Hear directly from practitioners and business leaders at the forefront of the product-led movement, and learn how to apply product-led strategies at every stage of the customer journey.


Start exploring the new Product-led Hub, and see how becoming product led can transform your business.