7 AI sessions we can’t wait for at Pendomonium 2023

Published Sep 7, 2023
Whenever Merriam-Webster announces their word of the year, we’ve got our money on “artificial intelligence.”

From AI-powered personalization, product discovery, and product-led growth; to presentation planning; to content creation; to video production—it’s clear that artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, and will continue to make a major impact on how many of us work each day. So this year at Pendomonium, we’re paying special attention to AI and the possibilities it creates for the future of product management. And we know you’re all excited to dig in deeper, too (just check out the results of our recent poll!).

From how product managers leverage AI tools to work more efficiently, to lessons learned by established AI leaders, to the opportunities AI presents to build breakaway digital experiences—we’re exploring it all.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the exciting AI sessions to look forward to at Pendomonium this year.


Take a closer look at what’s coming with Pendo AI

A trio of Pendo executives—including Todd Olson (CEO and Co-founder), Trisha Price (Chief Product Officer), and Brian Walsh (GM, Core Products and Platform)—will take a look at the impact AI is having on the field of product management, and share our vision for how we’ll help customers adapt. 

They’ll talk about the latest additions and optimizations to the Pendo platform, particularly Pendo AI. They’ll also share a preview of our new generative campaigns, AI-generated guides, and AI-generated qualitative insights—so you can see how all these new features will help you improve your workflows and empower you to deliver even better experiences to your users.

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Learn how two AI leaders built industry-transforming products

It’s one thing to talk about navigating the AI revolution in theory… but how do product teams actually build and bring AI-powered solutions to life? We’re thrilled to have two veteran AI leaders joining us to share their experiences: Yochai Konig, VP of Machine Learning at Ada, an AI-powered customer service automation platform; and May Habib, CEO at Writer, a generative AI writing assistant tool designed specifically for the enterprise.

Yochai will share guidance for product leaders and practitioners looking to navigate the AI-first evolution. He’ll walk through the process of establishing a successful AI practice (including goal-setting and useful frameworks), show you how to align AI with human guidance for better customer experiences, and share his thoughts on what makes for truly unique and defensive generative AI.

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May will dive deeper into what it takes to build a successful AI brand—exploring strategies teams need to create products customers will actually use and love. She’ll examine five companies that implemented AI in their products, then iterated to optimize and launch improved solutions. And she’ll highlight what they did differently the second time around, and how you can set yourself up for success from the start.

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Find out how AI will help us reimagine the future

OpenAI is now a household name, thanks (in major part) to the company’s viral generative content and chat tool, ChatGPT. We’re lucky to have the former Head of Product from OpenAI—and current VC at Spark CapitalFraser Kelton, joining us at Pendomonium this year. 

In his fireside chat, he’ll talk about the process of standing up a breakaway product like OpenAI and why the real potential for AI comes when we use it to reimagine how we build products. He’ll also explore the AI startups and technology he’s most excited about, and share his thoughts on what the future holds for product teams in the age of AI.

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Peer into the future of product development in the age of AI

There’s no going back: The future of product is intertwined with AI. And because every product will have AI (and every team behind those products will need to use AI), the future of roadmaps will look different, too.

Dr. Ali Arsanjani (Director of Cloud Partner Engineering at Google Cloud) will join us to explore the unique intersection of in-app product analytics and AI—highlighting the ways generative AI will likely influence and transform the product development lifecycle.

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Dive into Pendo’s AI and machine learning evolution

While we only announced Pendo AI a few months ago, our AI and machine learning journey has been brewing for much, much longer. 

In this session, Dr. Inbal Budowski-Tal (Pendo’s Senior Director of Machine Learning) will give you a behind-the-scenes look into Pendo’s AI evolution—from initial inspiration to future innovation. And she’ll explore the strategy, challenges, and pivotal moments that have paved the way for AI and machine learning to help us revolutionize our customers’ experiences. 

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Explore how AI will impact the future of work—and how to put it to work for you

What “work” looks like has changed dramatically over the past few years. From shifting to largely remote and hybrid workforces, to digitizing more core elements of how companies operate, and now to AI—there are a lot of moving pieces for transformation teams to manage.

In this session, Kelli Dragovich (Former Chief People Officer & Industry Expert, Adopt), Chad Holdorf (Vice President of Product, Adopt), and Frank Kyler (Vice President, Total Rewards & People Operations) will discuss how the Pendo team leverages its own platform to level up our digital transformation and streamline how we work—and highlight the role of automation, artificial intelligence, and personalization in shaping the future of work.

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