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5 Things to Look Forward to at Pendomonium 2017

Published Mar 2, 2017

Pendomonium is right around the corner. As we expected from our first annual Pendo conference, there are a lot of things we’ve learned in the process (start earlier!) and a ton of things we’re looking forward to sharing (all the sessions!).

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We wanted to keep a mix of all the things that we love here at Pendo —  improving software product experience, southern flair, and a little bit of fun. What we didn’t expect was the overwhelming interest from companies across the industry who enthusiastically offered to speak and share their insights on this topic.

What to Look Forward To:

1. A New Community

One of the reasons we decided to host this conference was to lay the groundwork for a community of like-minded, product focused individuals. We’re looking forward to having individuals from all backgrounds and roles who fiercely advocate for a better product experience. We will foster discussions around the future of software and how different teams are delivering unique experiences for their users. Pendomonium’s purpose is to spark conversations between attendees and allow everyone to walk away with not only new ideas but also partnerships to propel our industry forward.

2. Enlightening Conversations & Sessions

Throughout Pendomonium, there will be multiple opportunities for attendees to meet others from around the country (and the globe) while learning from industry leaders through sessions, keynotes, and workshops. Pendomonium will offer over 30 speakers from a variety of companies, focused on key product initiatives. We’re excited to have sessions led by people from Salesforce, AOL, Gainsight, Optimizely, Citrix amongst many others. These speakers will provide insights into what it takes for companies to become successful by creating a product that users love.

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3. Surprises

As many companies do, we have a few announcements up our sleeve for Day 2 of the event. The Pendo team has been working hard on some exciting updates. Since we’ll have a number of our customers in town, we thought this was the best time to announce and give attendees a little sneak peak for what else is to come.

4. Southern Hospitality

We decided to have our first product conference in our hometown of Raleigh, NC. We love this growing city with its relaxed lifestyle and rapidly evolving tech and food scenes. During the conference, we’ll be hosting two evening events where we’ll have some delicious North Carolina eats (there may be a “Biscuit Bar” involved) and also a morning run to give attendees a more intimate look at our city while burning off some carbs.

Raleigh has received some great recognition over the last few years, recently making Forbes’ top 12 Travel Destinations for 2017. It was also listed alongside neighbor Durham, NC in the top Best Places to Look for a Job in 2017. (Humble pitch,Pendo is hiring!).

5. Pendomonium Next Gen

The best part about Pendomonium? It’s not over on Wednesday. We’ll be continuing the conversation online and through future Pendomonium events and meet-ups. We want to make sure that the ideas shared at our first annual Pendomonium are kept alive and spark actions within companies around the world.

What are you looking forward to? The speakers? The city? The food? Send us a note @pendoio or tell us on Facebook. Whatever it is, we hope you’ll leave with new relationships, some meaningful product takeaways and the knowledge that our home is your home. Visit often, or simply come back to stay!