Why product analytics isn’t just for product teams anymore

Published Jun 14, 2023
Facing uncertainty about macro factors outside their control, business leaders are craving certainty about what is in their control. 

Business leaders are at a crossroads. As they navigate continuing macroeconomic headwinds, they want to be certain that they’re spending the right amount on the right things, that the business strategies they have in place are ones that will help them weather whatever’s on the economic horizon, and that outcomes are the best they can possibly be. In short, nothing matters more for businesses right now than their bottom line. 

In the midst of this challenging environment, many organizations are recognizing the power that product teams have to drive better business results. A key reason behind it: product analytics. The best product analytics solutions don’t just give businesses insights into basic product metrics like feature adoption. They also shine a light on key business, financial, and customer health KPIs. 

The path to higher growth starts here

Organizations increasingly understand that having the right product analytics tool and strategy is essential to cutting costs, growing revenue, and being ready for whatever turn the economy takes. 

In April and May 2023, Pendo and Mind the Product in collaboration with RevOps Squared surveyed over 700 product managers and leaders across the globe, spanning a wide range of industries (SaaS, insurance, financial services, education, business services, healthcare/medical, and media/entertainment). Examining their responses, we found trends about how teams are utilizing product analytics to measure and understand the impact of their software and digital experiences—and brought it all together in our new product analytics benchmarks report

A groundbreaking report on a business-critical tool

In this report, you’ll learn things like:

  • The top priority most businesses leverage analytics for
  • The surprising truth about which industries lead the pack on harnessing analytics to expand accounts and combat churn
  • Why many SaaS/software companies are seriously underutilizing analytics—and jeopardizing their business’ health in the process
  • How companies are starting to incorporate AI as part of their analytics strategy
  • And so much more

In short, organizations that harness the full power of analytics are setting themselves up for success through thick and thin, while the companies that don’t risk being left behind. Product analytics can fundamentally transform a business for the better. Don’t risk doing nothing while other companies make the most of this tool. And start seeing business results you never thought you could.

Ready to learn the many ways product analytics can take your business to the next level? Read the report here