This Week in Product – Sep. 28, 2018

Published Sep 28, 2018

Out of Sight

Note to selves: a generic product image can be a serious turnoff. Although I think this is on PMMs, not to throw them under the bus or anything.

Too Early to Think

Kids not only say the darnest thing, they can also have exactly the fresh outlook that we as adults forgot how to tap into. Every PM knows the peril of getting into your own head so much that you’re blinded from seeing innovative and forward-thinking solutions. This PM dad makes a good case for finding silver linings (even when you’re really tired).

Pretty, Please

Glossier is an incredibly interesting company because it started as a blog, turned into a line of beauty products, and is now building a whole suite of digital products. I have no idea what these are, nor does Emily Weiss reveal a lot, but she does share insights related to the evolution of this unique model. Particularly insightful was her wish to move from “products above people to people above products.” Watch the whole interview from the Code Commerce Conference for more lessons for those who are building products that are not only digital.

First Picks

This job at DraftKings jumped out at me because of our weekly poll about where data science should sit — have you cast your vote yet? Also, in a couple of weeks we’re taking our debate club live to Boston, so if you’re in the product community there and are not looking for a job, you should still join us for a great panel debating the hottest questions in product.