This Week in Product – Mar. 29, 2019

Published Mar 29, 2019

Trick Question

This one feels like a trick question because one is obviously superior to the other, but somehow that’s the less-common scenario. If more companies were run by product people, though, I’m pretty sure we’d see more of B. Are my glasses too rosy?

There’s No I in Team

The debate about distributed teams is heating up, and we’re increasingly surprised to hear more folks advocating for remote work, even in a relationship-heavy job like product management. This perspective is important to keep in mind: “remote” means that someone is local, but if you truly treat the team as distributed, you’re more likely to create a collaborative atmosphere for all. How do you do that? We have some tips.


Where do products go to die? In Google’s case, the graveyard is densely populated. There are many more morbid jokes I’d like to make here, but I’ll spare you. In preparation for saying farewell to Inbox in a few days, we thought you might like to browse this list. Don’t let it be your “what not to do” list, but there’s probably some interesting trends/lessons from this spooky collection.


Not technically a product management tip, but a Picard tip is always handy. This is your (now weekly) PSA to work towards influence, not control.

One Day Too Late

Well, let’s just say that if you got this job last week, you might have been happier. But this is an exciting time to join Lyft, and this is a unique opportunity to do a product job that touches many different parts of an evolving business.