This Week in Product – Feb. 15, 2019

Published Feb 15, 2019

For the Love of Nerds

We start our special Valentine’s Day edition of This Week in Product with a little ditty for all our UXers — this poem is for you. If you’re still trying to get in favor with your engineering team, we’ve got some advice for that, too.

For the Love of Frameworks

You know we love a good strategy framework, but we also see how structured methodologies can sometimes keep us in a box when thinking about moving our products forward. Sometimes you have to shed away all the conventional pearls of wisdom (which often clash with each other, anyway) and go work in a vacuum for a little bit in order to focus on what really matters. Maybe you can do that this weekend?

For the Love of Books

Yes, I know I just said you should take some time to disconnect and think freely in an unpopulated space, but, what kind of influence would that be? Really, what I would probably encourage you to do is pick up one of these awesome books recommended by Women in Product for the B2C product manager. Not a B2C product manager? We’ve got a more general list we recommend if you’re looking to pick something up this weekend.

For the Love of Data

This thread of tweets is important reading for anyone who’s had a conversation this week about the value of collecting data. If you’re a PM, chances are you have. And increasingly, you’re probably having these types of conversations if you’re a UXer, too. Still not convinced about the rigor of UX research? Check out this interview with Jeff Lopes, director of UX from PagerDuty and our personal guru on the matter.

For the Love of Research

While we’re on the subject of research and its effects on product and design, check out this killer position at Shutterstock. This is your opportunity to work cross-functionally and be the voice of users and “solve problems with integrity.” Sounds good to us.