Pendo named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave: Digital Adoption Platforms, Q4 2022

Published Nov 17, 2022

Think about your average day. You wake up, check your email, and read or listen to the news. You get to work, log in using Okta, attend meetings, and spend your day in Google Docs, Salesforce, Jira, and countless other digital tools. Software permeates every aspect of our lives. That’s why Pendo is on a mission to elevate the world’s experience with it. If software is something we must interact with daily, using it should be delightful for all. But how can product and operational leaders make sure they’re delivering the best experiences to their end users? 

Enter digital adoption platforms. Digital adoption platforms have emerged as a category of tools designed to guide users through key tasks, provide contextual information as users navigate a product, and deliver key insights about product usage. 

Due to the growth and importance of this category, Forrester has just published their inaugural report—The Forrester New Wave™: Digital Adoption Platforms, Q4 2022 —and we’re excited to share that Pendo has been named a “Leader,” the highest designation in the evaluation. Pendo received differentiated ratings in the reporting and performance management, product and user intelligence, and market approach criteria. 

According to the report, authored by Forrester senior analyst Vasupradha Srinivasan, Pendo “has a data-led approach and a legacy of strong product analytics. Pendo uses strong product analytics to create a solution that is data-driven and insight-based from the get-go.” The report also finds that Pendo’s “advanced product and user intelligence capabilities combined with digital adoption features make this a good option for organizations looking for an end-to-end platform.”

With Pendo, everything starts with powerful analytics. By yielding insights unmatched by other tools, Pendo shows you how users are engaging with software and where they may be struggling. It then allows you to take concrete steps to improve their experience, including deploying in-app messaging and guides. And you don’t need to be an engineer or have a computer science degree to track usage or build beautiful messages and guides. We focus on building tools that everyone, both technical and non-technical, can use. Whether you’re building software for customers or managing the software employees use, Pendo makes it simple to deliver better experiences to your end users effectively.  

But don’t just take our word—we’d love you to see and experience Pendo today. Product teams building customer-facing software can get started on our Engage product for free. Or if you’re looking to drive adoption and optimize processes and experiences across your employee-facing software, you can get a custom demo of our Adopt product. 

Modern work (and life!) happens in software. Let Pendo help you make those experiences excellent. 

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