Introducing the AI for Product Management Course

Published Nov 14, 2023
Learn AI use cases and best practices for product managers.

By now it’s clear that AI is only going to continue transforming the way we work, live, and interact. If you’re a product manager (PM) or work at a product-led organization, I’m sure you’re thinking about how this technology will shape how you build, innovate, and bring products to market—I know I am.

In a recent study of more than 1,200 businesses, Pendo and Product Collective found that 44% of company leaders rank AI and machine learning skills as most needed to achieve business goals, while just 19% of individual contributors agree. I think this captures the current state of AI in business: While leadership is bullish on AI, the individuals who are most likely to utilize this technology don’t necessarily share this feeling. 

This notion is one of the primary reasons Pendo, Google Cloud, and Mind the Product set out to create the AI for Product Management Course—which explores AI’s place in product management and why product managers should view AI as a strategic tool, not a threat.

The course covers core AI use cases throughout the product development life cycle, best practices for building AI-powered features, as well as real world examples of companies leveraging AI in their products. Once you take the course and pass the exam, you’ll earn a “AI for Product Management” digital badge (perhaps you can add it to your collection of badges from our other three courses).

Ready to get started with the AI for Product Management Course? Sign up here—the course is usually $149, but we’re offering it for free for everyone.

How product managers should think about AI

The AI for Product Management Course is centered around two key ways product managers should think about AI.

The first way is as a tool to help you build products and improve internal processes. When it comes to utilizing AI in their day-to-day work, the use cases for product managers are near-endless (and growing). 

In the course, we identify three categories to summarize AI’s place in building products: data analysis, experimentation, and communication. What does this look like in practice? AI has the power to help product managers analyze more data than ever before, further personalize the in-product experience, and create necessary (but often time consuming) product documentation more quickly.

The second way product managers should think about AI is as a capability you can build into your product in the form of AI-powered features and functionality. In this way, the value of AI shifts to the end user, as they benefit from features that help them accomplish their jobs to be done faster and more effectively. In the course, you’ll learn a methodology you can follow to build a software strategy that encompasses AI. (You can get a preview of this lesson in the course sneak peek below.)

Why AI is an opportunity, not a threat

Another important theme throughout the course is that product managers should view AI as a strategic tool—not a threat to their jobs. In fact, we identify two areas of product management that AI will only amplify, not replace: Being customer-centric and having a good business sense

With its data analysis and automation capabilities, AI can empower product managers to build better digital experiences for customers. In this way, we created the AI for Product Management Course to help product practitioners feel more confident in embracing AI. There will still be plenty to learn in the coming months and years, but our goal is to—at the very least—help open your mind to AI and how you can use it.

Get a sneak peek of the course

Curious what AI for Product Management is like? Here’s a clip from Module 3, where Nichole Mace (VP of Product Growth at Pendo) walks through how to form the right future product strategy tied to AI.

Here’s what else you can expect from the course:

    • 6 modules covering AI use cases and best practices
    • 2 hours of engaging, instructor-led videos
    • Curriculum developed by product and digital experience leaders
    • An optional exam to check your knowledge and earn a badge

Ready to get started? Sign up for the AI for Product Management Course here to get started. The course is usually $149, but we’re offering it for free for everyone.