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Don’t become a statistic of the Great Resignation

Published Mar 3, 2022

There are plenty of reasons why companies are embracing digital transformation today. Revenue growth, cost savings, greater productivity, better governance around key workflows and processes–leaders regularly cite these and other outcomes as motivation for pushing their organizations to embrace new and better software. And they’re all worthy goals worth pursuing. 

There’s just one problem: Employees don’t spend their time sitting back and contemplating the lofty goals of their company leadership. They’re real people with real lives outside of work, and they have their own concerns and priorities. They want more time to spend with friends and family. They want their voice to be heard. They want to find meaning in their role, and they want to spend their time doing meaningful work. In short, they want a positive and purposeful employee experience. And in today’s world, that means they expect to feel comfortable using the digital tools that are available to them. 

Want your team to stick around? Focus on what matters most

When PWC was conducting its Tech at Work Study, they discovered a trend: “Leaders say they’re choosing tech with their people in mind, but employees don’t agree.” In other words, when it comes to employee experience, there’s a gap between managers’ perception and reality. And the reality is this: Employees don’t want to spend their day navigating a complex web of confusing apps. They don’t want to be bogged down in disorienting and cumbersome workflows, using software that leaves them overworked and underwhelmed. They don’t want training that wastes their time. And they don’t want their feedback to go unaddressed. 

Digital transformations ultimately depend on employee buy-in to succeed. If your employees don’t think you care about them, they can–and will–go elsewhere. With the rise of the hybrid workplace and a tight labor market, it’s easier for employees to change jobs than ever before. And that’s what they’ve been doing in droves. The so-called Great Resignation continues to affect countless companies and industries. How do you make sure your organization is an exception to the rule? 

Ground your strategy in empathy

If you want your digital transformation to succeed and your employees to stay with you, then show them you care about what matters to them. We built Pendo Adopt because we believe companies should put employees at the center of their business technology decisions. What does that mean in practice? It means planning change from a place of empathy around how employees actually do their work. Leverage robust analytics to understand the flow of work within and across apps, across time. Make strategic decisions about processes and workflows based on those insights to help empower your employees.

It also means acknowledging that different employees have different needs. Serve the right content to the right person at the right time via insights-informed segments. And keep your finger on the employee pulse using in-app polls and surveys so your team knows their voices are being heard. 

Show your employees you care 

When you make business technology decisions with your employees in mind, you’re putting them in a position both to thrive at work and to have more time for what really matters outside the office. What’s more, by empowering your employees, you’re also empowering your company. The evidence is clear: Happier employees make for happier customers. They’re also more productive and less likely to churn. In other words, put employee experience first and those key business goals discussed above will follow. 

At a time of rapid tech transformation and high workplace turnover, companies that put their employees first have a competitive advantage in the market. Building that advantage starts with knowing what they care about and forming a transformation strategy grounded in empathy. 

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