Desk Craft: Michael Vasquez

Published Apr 13, 2018

michael-vasquez-desk-craftName: Michael Vasquez
Role: Product Owner
Company: Q2
Background: Texas born and raised, BA Communications from Lamar University, AKA “Harvard on the Neches”
Fun Fact: I’m a pretty good cook, my specialty is Cajun Food.


1. Gotta start off by giving a shout out to my boys, the Houston Astros! 2017 World Series Champions! Yes, I’m a huge Astros Fan; yes, I’ve followed them through the “LASTROS” years; and yes,…I made that mug!

2. Some people prefer a fidget spinner. I’m more of a stress ball guy.

3. Thank you, Arthur Fry, for being born. I’m a little obsessed with using Post-it notes. They help me keep me organized, are great for quick notes while on a call, and seem to clutter up my desk. (Normally I have them EVERYWHERE!)

4. How can anyone get any work done without being able to jam out from time to time? I’m more of a 90’s kind of guy, but I like Top 40 and Country music too.

5. New slogan for Advil: “ADVIL, for when your stress ball just isn’t enough.”

6. Mr. Blue holds my phone up, works well in both portrait and landscape mode.

7. Mr. Pink, some creeper that someone stuck on my monitor one day. I’m still waiting for his owner to come pick him up.

8. How does anyone get by with only one monitor these days? Honestly, I could probably use another one…though IT seems to disagree.

9. And after a long day/week, it’s always nice to crack open an ice cold Root Beer. I love trying new Root Beers out; this is one of my favorites: Henry Weinhard’s Gourmet Root Beer.

What is the most useful item on your desk? Outside of the obvious choice (my laptop), the most useful item on my desk is probably my Post-It notes. I use a heavy dose of these to take notes, make reminders, use as book markers, and leave behind notes for co-workers who aren’t at their desk. (Yes, I know that’s what emails are for).

What is the most interesting item on your desk? Hands down, my Houston Astros mug. I made that thing with my blood, sweat, and tears. One day it will be very valuable. Some have called me a modern-day Donatello (not the Ninja Turtle), and this mug is only going up in value as the years pass by. Especially when we win the World Series again this year. Go Stros Go!

How would you describe your organization style? I fall under two different types of organization styles, “no rules/cluttered” is how I start the week. As my Post-It notes start to accumulate all over my monitors and desk, I start to feel crowded. I then go through a “clean-up” phase or “minimalist” style where I trash old Post-It notes and straighten up my chaos.

Anything else you would like to add? 3M’s stock (the maker of Post-It notes) has steadily gone up over the last 5 years, which probably makes them a safer investment over ever-so-trendy Bitcoin. I’m not an investor, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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