Product Teams

5 ways product leaders in the UK, France and Germany stand out from the rest of the world

Published Apr 30, 2020

As we’re bolstering our investment in EMEA, we teamed up with Product Collective to learn more about product professionals from three countries in the region: France, Germany and the UK. I’ve been working with product leaders in these countries for years and the results were pretty surprising to me. 

It turns out product managers in France have the highest job satisfaction rates, those in Germany are the most likely to value their gut instincts over data, and product teams in the UK have the most diverse career experience and skill sets. 

I don’t want to spoil the survey’s full results, so click on the infographics below to see how these countries’ product leaders differ from their global counterparts. You can also read the full Europe report here.

While there are some regional differences in the way we go about our work, the survey’s results support what I’ve learned throughout my career—we’re all driven by the ultimate goal of delivering long-term value for customers.  

For us at Pendo, that means offering our customers mission-critical products along with the support they need to do great work. In the last year, we’ve grown our team in EMEA by 250% with a goal of making it easier for product teams in Europe to get help from our customer success teams. We also started rolling out localized resources in French and German to help product managers navigate Pendo’s product cloud in their native language. We’ve already launched localized e-books, infographics and customer stories in both languages. 

Head over to for our French language site, and for our German language site. If you come across a resource that hasn’t been translated just yet, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it a priority!