Product Teams

Want your product ops meetings to be more efficient? Use this template

Published Jan 16, 2020

At its core, product ops is about driving alignment, communication, and processes around the product. And although this mission is extremely beneficial (and necessary) for a company that’s scaling, it can mean more of the thing that most people are constantly trying to avoid: meetings.  

Since a lot of our users are product ops pros themselves, we wanted to share a glimpse into how we at Pendo run our bi-weekly product ops meeting. If you’re thinking about starting a product ops function, this could be a good place to begin familiarizing yourself with what product ops is responsible for. If you already have a product ops presence at your company, we hope you find this useful in making your efforts even more impactful.

You’ll be able to download the full template below, but here’s a high-level look at what’s included:

  • Sales inputs
  • Customer success inputs
  • Commits
  • Review of customer feedback and roadmaps
  • Competitive intel
  • Beta review and product launch check-in
  • NPS review

Use the template as inspiration, download it and use it verbatim, or of course, tweak it to fit the needs of your team, your product, and your business.


Ready to get started? You can download the full template here.