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UserVoice Builds Integration with Pendo Resource Center to Enable Customer Feedback In-App

Published Jun 12, 2019

Pendo recently announced a new partner program called Activate, meant to inspire innovation on top of the Pendo product cloud. This is the first in a series of new partner announcements.

UserVoice enables customer-centric product development by making it easy for product management teams to understand the demand for specific product enhancements and follow up directly with the users and accounts that could benefit the most from new features.


In recent years there’s been a proliferation of in-app widgets, like the ones Pendo & UserVoice provide, that SaaS developers can deploy to bootstrap key customer experiences around support, feedback and in-app guidance.

Overall this has been a huge win for developers, but it has also caused UX issues since these different widgets don’t always play together nicely, often fighting for the same screen real estate.

As a result, developers end up spending engineering cycles configuring, tuning, and overriding default behavior so that those widgets can co-exist. This undercuts their value when the whole point was to get valuable CX functionality for little to no engineering effort.

This is why we’re excited to announce the integration of UserVoice with the Pendo Resource Center.  When it’s installed, your users can submit feedback and vote up feature enhancements from within your existing Pendo Resource Center. That feedback will be merged with any other UserVoice feedback sources you’ve set up, such as a feedback portal, Salesforce integration, or feedback from your sales, support and success teams into a single view of your top product gaps.


Essentially you can have the UserVoice in-app feedback widget experience in your Resource Center without any integration work from your engineers.

Pendo has quickly established itself as one of the premier platforms for in-app customer engagement and so we’re excited to plug into their ecosystem to make life even easier for product teams.

If you’re not already a UserVoice customer, UserVoice is offering a free year of service for the first 20 Pendo accounts that sign up by the end of June using this link.

If you are already a UserVoice customer, check out this article for how you can configure the integration in a matter of minutes.

Richard White is CEO and founder of UserVoice.