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Pendo Powers Growth And Scale for Digital Enterprises with New Product Features

Published Oct 2, 2018

New Pendo Features Power Growth And Scale for Digital Enterprises

Pendo powers product experiences for some of the world’s largest companies. Let’s face it: Large companies are different. They operate at a different scale and they have a broad set of stakeholders with diverse requirements of their own.

Today, Pendo announced some exciting new features focused on serving large enterprises.

1. Integrated multi-app analytics

This new feature shifts focus from individual apps to multi-app portfolios allowing large companies to understand and guide their users across their entire product portfolio.

Larger companies tend to have larger application portfolios. And in many cases, their customers use more than one app. So it only figures that these companies want to understand and guide users holistically, across the entire portfolio of applications they’re using.

Have mobile apps? Now you can get a 360 view of the user journey across web applications and mobile apps. Simply select which type of application you would like to add for a complete picture of usage and behavior.

Usage data from multiple apps can be surfaced across different reports in Pendo, and rolled up into executive dashboards that show usage and health across an organization’s suite of products.

2. New Visual Design Studio

Pendo’s new visual design studio democratizes guide creation, shifting the experience from authoring to assembly of building blocks. Today, much more of the customer journey and experience is moving inside the app, including many aspects of sales, marketing, training and support. As a result, a broader range of stakeholders–from sales and marketing to training and support are eager to engage users directly in the app. This visual design studio–currently in beta–allows virtually any stakeholder to play a role in creating in-app guides and messages. The result is a super easy way to guide users and initiate retention and growth campaigns directly in the app.

By using drag-and-drop “building blocks,” authors of any technical skill level can easily design and deploy sophisticated in-app messages and requests for feedback. Every element of an in-app communication can be fully customized without writing any code.

Multiple layout and design options give you lots of  options for guide customization and personalization.

Paired with the new multi-app capabilities, this visual design studio allows all stakeholders to design customer education, engagement and marketing campaigns across a portfolio of products without any development resources.

3. Robust security, control, and extensibility

These new enhancements live alongside other enterprise-grade features such as role-based access and authoring controls, a broad set of integrations, and stringent privacy and security policies. Our approach to privacy and security was recently validated by completing a SOC 2 Type 2 certification, one of the toughest international standards for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. Large organizations can feel comfortable fully using Pendo knowing that the integrity of their products and their customers won’t be at risk.

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