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Pendo Adds Qualitative User Feedback Capabilities to Its Robust Product Analytics

Published Feb 9, 2016

New capabilities help companies easily capture customer feedback directly in their applications

San Francisco — February 9, 2016 — Pendo, a data-driven platform that helps companies deliver great products announced a significant new platform capability today that allows users to collect high-quality qualitative feedback directly in their applications. Available today, the new polling feature delivers interactive solicitations for feedback in real-time and allows users to gain valuable and timely insight from their customers.

Bringing together in-app feedback with rich user analytics, polls provide a significant amount of insight. Product teams can not only measure what users are doing in their applications, but now they can understand why. This understanding can translate into significant revenue growth. In a recent survey of nearly 200 executives and product managers, Pendo found that organizations who use in-app feedback along with in-depth product analytics reported 109% higher annual product revenue than those who didn’t.

“Polls are a great addition to the Pendo platform,” said Daniel Larsen, Product Manager at Henry Schein, “The ability to capture feedback from our users directly in-app is a big plus. We are looking forward to rolling out the new NPS surveys.”

Integrated within the Pendo platform, polls can be created as additions to in-app messages and tooltips, or as stand-alone prompts within an application interface. Without any coding, users can design and deploy different types of polls to:

  • Gauge user satisfaction and calculate Net Promoter Scores® (NPS)
  • Collect open-ended feedback about features from customers who have used them
  • Evaluate content and understand the effectiveness of layouts, pages, features, onboarding, or other aspects of an application
  • Gather demographic user information such as job roles, experience level, or department

“Our passion is helping companies build successful products”, said Pendo CEO Todd Olson, “User feedback is a critical piece of product data that our users can leverage along with the other metrics in Pendo. Adding polls directly within apps allows our users to engage their customers ‘in the moment’ for incredibly relevant input.”

With Pendo’s rich segmentation and analytics, users can easily adjust polls to target select groups of users based on demographics or user behavior. Poll results show up inline with visitor and account reports, and allow users to view summary results or completion statistics, and drill into individual responses. The polling data augments Pendo’s user guidance and insights to help product teams improve user on-boarding, understand product usage, and increase customer retention.

About Pendo

Pendo was founded in 2013 by former product managers that have experienced the joys and challenges of creating great products at companies like Rally, Google, Cisco, and Red Hat, among others. With a powerful analytics and guidance platform designed to help companies understand and influence how users interact with their software applications, Pendo is on a mission to reinvent the way product teams build and increase engagement in their products. For more information, visit: