Introducing the 2023 Pendo Customer Award winners

Published Oct 19, 2023
Each year, we ask our customers to share the impactful work they’ve done with Pendo so we can recognize their achievements and showcase their stories at Pendomonium.

Our goal is twofold: to celebrate the individuals driving outcomes for their companies, and to provide inspiration for others in the Pendo community. 

We received a record 40 submissions for the 2023 Customer Awards, and are excited today to share the ten winners. Keep an eye out for more detailed customer stories in the months to come!

Congratulations to the 2023 Pendo Customer Award winners:


Business Impact Awards

🎉 Winner: Medidata Solutions

Medidata Solutions builds the software that makes clinical trials more efficient, cost-effective, and impactful.

By measuring usage, gathering feedback, and communicating to customers using in-app messaging templates across its 40 software applications installed with Pendo, Medidata has saved nearly 4,000 engineering work hours, which translates to $300K per year. That will spike to nearly $500K once a series of guides are deployed later this year. The team has also established procedures to put in-product messaging, analytics, and localization entirely in the hands of the product team, freeing development teams to focus on upcoming features and products.

🎉 Winner: Henry Schein One

Henry Schein One launched a new era of integrated dental technology by combining the management, patient communication, marketing and office IT solutions from two companies — New York-based Henry Schein and California-based Internet Brands — into one global company now serving more than 70,000 dental practices. 

Though long-time Pendo customers, for years the Henry Schein One team only used Pendo for NPS—and each product team in the company was using it differently. The team knew they were flying blind and needed more insight into usage to drive product decisions. They set out to create standard operating procedures for Pendo, ensuring internal teams knew what was possible in Pendo and received training on how to leverage it. Now, teams discuss Pendo data—like product engagement score—in weekly team meetings, using it to inform the roadmap and product priorities. They’ve also built dashboards for executives so they can understand leading indicators of churn and retention. Pendo has become a key platform for helping the product team modernize their products for the next generation of dental professionals.


How I Pendo: Product-led Growth Award

🎉 Winner: AccuWeather

AccuWeather is used by more than 1.5 billion people around the world to check the weather, making it one of the most widely-used weather forecasting services in the world. 

AccuWeather previously turned to its analytics team to understand product usage, and to its engineering and design teams to communicate feature releases and send out alerts to users. But that was too slow for a company that moves at the speed of the weather. While Pendo is now used to inform and validate product decisions, some real wins came this year when the team used Pendo for product-led growth. By triggering upsell guides based on seasons and usage patterns, the team drove an impressive increase in subscription revenue. That project has inspired additional subscription features launching this year, unlocking new revenue opportunities for AccuWeather.

🎉 Winner: GoTo

GoTo is one of the world’s largest SaaS companies, with more than $1.3 billion in annual revenue, 3,500 employees, and tens of millions of users. The company provides a variety of IT and business communication software tools that enable work to happen anywhere. 

One of the company’s primary goals is to improve trial-to-paid conversion rates and to drive customer engagement to prove value. GoTo initially used Pendo to successfully onboard and drive free and trial conversions for its new product, GoTo Resolve, in early 2022—achieving an impressive 53% trial activation rate by May 2023. In late 2022, GoTo identified an opportunity to implement Pendo in Grasshopper, one of its longest-standing homegrown products. By providing trialers and customers a more detailed onboarding experience in the product and strategically targeting guides based on optimal conversion patterns, they were able to increase conversion rate by 4%, increasing revenue by $130,000, with additional enhancements to come.


How I Pendo: Customer Experience Awards

🎉 Winner: Osmosis by Elsevier

Osmosis from Elsevier is an online learning platform used by over 200 medical, nursing, and health professional programs to teach the next generation of doctors and clinicians. 

This team recently began a series of onboarding experiments aimed to increase adoption and ultimately drive trial users to convert. While the outcomes are still coming in, this story is really about creating a culture of experimentation and continuous improvement all toward the goal of improving the customer experience and driving business impact. So far, this team has uncovered many optimization opportunities inside the application, driven up end-user engagement by adding videos and visual “rewards” to the onboarding flow, and simplified onboarding to improve UX. Conversion rate after one new tour climbed by an enormous 607%.


How I Pendo: Adoption Awards

🎉 Winner: Pushpay

Pushpay is a leading provider of church technology including giving, church management, custom apps, and streaming. The New Zealand-based platform is used by more than 14,000 religious organizations worldwide. 

Innovation is rapid at Pushpay—with new features announced weekly—but most were getting lost in the shuffle. Using Pendo to create and target guides, then measure adoption rates and satisfaction, Pushpay has completely reimagined its launch strategy. A recent feature launch met its three-month adoption goal within a week; a new integration has well exceeded expectations with 44 installations; and NPS surveys are yielding 16% and 11% response rates, up from 1-2%. 

🎉 Winner: Dealer-FX

Dealer-FX helps automotive dealerships and service departments manage their operations and customer communications.

The company recently released a new and more advanced online appointment tool aimed to drive increased appointment volume for its dealership customers, and ultimately increase customer retention. The team used Pendo to inform the redesign and then to monitor adoption and iterate based on usage patterns. Every dealership using the new tool has since seen an increase in appointments scheduled using the tool. 

Data exported from Pendo about the new scheduling tool was also used to build a machine learning model that can predict how many appointments a dealership can expect in an upcoming month with 80% accuracy. The model’s performance consistently improves as it receives more data from Pendo, and a significant business outcome has been the establishment of a stronger partnership with a leading OEM, driven by this enhanced online booking experience.


We have so many incredible Pendo power users that this year, we chose two Pendo Users of the Year! Users of the Year are not only power users and experts at using Pendo, but champions both inside their companies and across the Pendo community.

Pendo Users of the Year

🎉 Winner: Brandon Noskoviak, senior in-app content engagement specialist, Jamf

Brandon Noskoviak has spent the last three years managing Pendo in 12+ applications at Jamf—he helps teams across Jamf leverage Pendo’s analytics, segmentation, and in-app messaging to determine when, why, and how they interact with Jamf users. Brandon inspires teams across Jamf to think bigger when it comes to how they use Pendo, and he is a clear guru when it comes to in-app messaging best practices. 

Brandon is also one of our most active platform users—logging 254 days of Pendo usage over the last year—and he frequently shares his knowledge in our discussion forum and Slack community. Brandon has also made numerous feedback requests and answered our polls, showing a commitment to making our platform increasingly better. Users like Brandon uplift the entire Pendo community, and we are excited to recognize him!

🎉 Winner: Chuck Konfrst, director of user experience at Cox Automotive

Chuck was part of the team that brought Pendo into Cox Automotive in 2022. He got off to a fast start by creating a cross-functional Pendo governance team and equipping teams across the business to leverage the platform, making “Can we Pendo this?” a commonly-asked question at Cox. Chuck also jumped into the Pendo community by taking the reins of the Atlanta Pendo User Group, contributing to our discussion forum, and creating a digital adoption knowledge-share group with several other Pendo customers. He’s also on track to be one of our most active Pendo platform users, logging over 203 days of usage since September 2022, with usage trending up 307% over the last year! 

Chuck is an incredible champion who is passionate about digital adoption and sharing his learnings with others. He’s contributing to his company’s success, our success, and that of our entire Pendo community.


Congratulations again to all of this year’s winners. Keep an eye out for next year’s submission process to begin in spring 2024!