8 core principles for how Pendo uses AI

Published Jul 19, 2023
Security, privacy, and transparency are foundational to our approach.

In countless ways, AI is transforming how businesses work and operate. At Pendo, we realize this breakthrough technology raises important ethical and practical questions about how it will be used. That’s why we’re outlining eight core principles that will guide how we leverage artificial intelligence, both for ourselves and for our customers.

Guided by our core values, our AI principles reflect our commitment to innovation and the safe, responsible, and ethical use of artificial intelligence with the Pendo platform.

1. A customer-centric approach

Pendo’s AI systems will be designed and developed to elevate our customers’ and their end users’ experience with software, focusing on identifying opportunities for optimization, personalization, and enhanced usability. Pendo will actively seek feedback from customers to inform the development of AI-powered features.

2. Transparency and open communication

Pendo is committed to AI transparency and will openly communicate with our community about the AI features that we develop and deploy within our services. We will ensure our customers understand and are informed about the presence, capabilities, and limitations of AI-powered features and functionalities.

3. Data governance

Pendo will be responsible stewards of our customers’ and their users’ data throughout AI model development lifecycles. Data will only be collected, used, and stored in alignment with individual privacy rights and preferences, fundamental rights, and industry-leading standards of security.

4. Optionality and customization

Pendo customers are in control of how they want to leverage AI in Pendo services. We understand that customers have diverse needs and preferences. Our AI features are optional and customizable, allowing customers to modify, fine-tune, or opt out as they see fit.

5. Compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks

Pendo will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards governing AI development and deployment, promoting a culture of legal and ethical responsibility.

6. Fairness and equity

Pendo will actively work to identify and mitigate potential biases throughout the model development lifecycle, ensuring fair and equitable product experiences for all users.

7. Thought leadership

Pendo recognizes the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements and will actively seek opportunities to push the boundaries of innovation. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and exploration, we aim to become a leading voice in the industry.

8. Setting the tone from the top

Pendo’s executive team is engaged, sets our goals and is accountable for ensuring these principles are implemented and followed throughout all uses of AI technologies in our services and internal processes.

With these AI guiding principles, Pendo will ensure data privacy and ethical standards for our customers. We know these transformative tools can and will power exponentially better digital experiences, furthering Pendo’s mission to elevate the world’s experience with software. Join us on the journey and learn more about Pendo AI here.