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How Pendo makes it easy to boost compliance and efficiency in Salesforce

Published Apr 10, 2024
With Pendo, revenue ops teams can take their sales motions to the next level.

“This lead conversion process isn’t working.” 

“My frontline manager yelled at me for not filling out a field I didn’t think mattered.”

“It’s impossible to use this CPQ tool.”

Every day, revenue operations teams hear feedback like this from frustrated employees about digital experiences involving their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Tools like Salesforce are uniquely powerful and customizable for sales teams. But almost inevitably, employees don’t adopt or execute processes in the ways expected or assumed. They hit speed bumps, friction points, and other blockers that can leave them confused or angry—and their productivity lagging.

Luckily, there’s a streamlined, effective way for rev ops teams to take action on this feedback to both empower sales employees and drive better, more efficient business results through their CRMs. With the power of Pendo’s product experience platform, it’s possible to unlock the full potential of Salesforce and maximize ROI on your CRM motions. Here’s how.

Pair your qualitative feedback with quantitative insights

Feedback is a gift, and feedback about clunky or friction-filled Salesforce experiences is no exception. Rev ops teams can view these insights as a great starting point for optimizing their CRM. The key to unlocking the power of qualitative feedback is to pair it with quantitative data, something Pendo’s all-in-one platform makes easy.  

Here’s an example. Say you deploy an in-app employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) poll to your reps in Salesforce to gather feedback about any challenges or headaches they’re facing. Pendo’s AI capabilities help synthesize themes from that feedback, and one of the major ones that you see is frustration with using the configure, price, quote (CPQ) tool in Salesforce. 

Once they know what the problem is, teams can dig into Pendo’s rich analytics to see what exactly is driving the frustration. Just as important is to understand which segments of users are getting stuck specifically. Are they recent hires who still need to get the hang of your unique Salesforce instance and customizations? Or maybe they’re longtime employees having difficulty adjusting to new ways of working? By understanding both the nature of the issue and those it’s affecting, revenue ops teams are now in a position to take action.

Get support to the sales team members who need it—and leave those who don’t alone

Depending on what the analytics data is telling them, Salesforce application owners can take several potential next steps. If the problem is a fast fix, they may want to immediately push updates to their Salesforce implementation directly. More likely though, they’ll want to deploy an in-app guide to get instant, relevant support to those who need it—while not bothering high performers. Pendo makes it easy to segment guides based on various metadata (role, location, etc.) and behavioral (the first time using an app or starting a workflow) categories.  

Whether it’s clearly delineating the steps in a workflow, adding context around a field, or simply alerting users to a new process change, Pendo-powered in-app guides help teams boost efficiency. They also help drive better governance and compliance, making it easier for employees to work in the ways expected of them. 

Driving better results through Pendo’s data-driven digital adoption platform

Once in-app support is in place, revenue ops teams can then move to iterating on and refining their support motions and fixes. Change management doesn’t end when you push a guide live. You want to gauge its effectiveness and get a clear sense of its impact—something Pendo makes easy. 

After an in-app guide has been live for a set time period, revenue ops can once again get rich analytical insights about how things are going. Is the time to complete a process going down? Are complaints about CPQ still a major theme in eNPS surveys or feedback polls? Depending on what they see, rev ops teams can fix support motions that aren’t working or make what is working even better. 

CPQ, lead qualification, quote-to-cash: Executing these and other sales motions efficiently and consistently in Salesforce is key to driving long-term growth and success. And with Pendo’s uniquely powerful combination of qualitative and quantitative insights that power customized in-app support, it’s never been easier for rev ops teams to help reps do just that. 

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