This Week in Product – Jan. 18, 2019

Published Jan 18, 2019

Revolving Doors

A lot of PMs out there probably read this tweet and nodded their heads in knowing agreement. Actually, a lot of CEOs did, too, if we had to guess. Ultimately, our title-chasing proclivities miss the fact that building things is more gratifying than a promotion. Harvard research says as much.

But First, a PM

When a company starts taking off, a product-focused founder might have to start relinquishing some of his control over the product development process, and then it’s time for a first PM. When exactly is it that, though? According to Jonathan Golden (formerly of AirBNB), if you’ve met these three conditions, it’s time:

  • You’ve achieved product/market fit and need to scale
  • Your engineering team is greater than seven people
  • You are mentally ready to let someone else control the roadmap at some level

The first two are probably easier to quantify than that last piece, but there’s plenty of CEO shrinks out there to help you out with that. If you’re not there yet, don’t miss this comprehensive piece, full of good advice on how to go about this critical hire.

Chicken and Egg

With SO MANY TOOLS now cramming the product stack, it’s hard to tell if we got tools to help us with work, or if we got tools that dictated how we do work. If you’re looking for an afternoon of philsophical musings, check out the discussion in response to this tweet, but prepare yourself for some inevitable Internet rabbit hole-ing.

Friendly Reminder

Do we need to say more?

Spark Joy

This job caught our eye this week because of this succinct set of adjectives to describe the ideal candidate: “Collaborative, driven, humble, and resourceful.” If you’re near Redwood City, jump on it.