This Week in Product – May 31, 2019

Published May 31, 2019

This Week in Threads

We’re highlighting two interesting threads we read this week. This first one from the VP of product at Reddit is all about power. Alex bemoans the notion that PMs are powerless because to him that sounds like false modesty (at best) or cluelessness (at worst). Check out these 20 perfectly GIFed tweets, and feel the power!

We would have picked the first tweet in this thread, but alas, it’s doesn’t meet the FCC profanity rules. So we’ll just let you scroll up yourself. These are a list of recommendations for finding product-market fit — and there’s some fierce disagreement with Atrium’s CEO take on how to get there. WDYT?

Famous Friends

Our good friend Benjamin Earl Evans, inclusive design lead at Airbnb, is the latest guest on the Design Better podcast, and if you missed him at the ProductCraft conference, this is a pretty great opportunity to hear this delightful designer talk about some important ethical design issues. Check it out.

Getting Back In Business

We found this job while reading about a Walmart partnership with Path Forward, a nonprofit on a mission to get people back to work after they’ve taken time off to care for a loved one. If you’ve been out of the game for a bit, but are ready to get back to PMing, this is a great opportunity (and there are many others on the Path Forward site as well!)