This Week in Product – Apr. 26, 2019

Published Apr 26, 2019

Breathe Deep

You know I love a Venn diagram, especially if it’s of things that don’t belong together. Like this one from Lenny Rachitsky‘s “What Buddhism Taught Me About Product Management.” If you’re trying to be more Buddha-like (and really, aren’t we all), we suggest the reading list at the end of that article.

Marketing > Product?

We’ve been saying that product is the new marketing. Your product, if it’s good, markets itself. User delight brings (free) ambassadors, and with loyalty comes growth. This tweet from investor Eric Stromberg argues the opposite happened with Zoom — it’s all marketing. Or, if you read the responses to this tweet: it’s all stability. It’s all freemium. The thread reveals how a problematic product can still outshine if it addresses user pain, and pain there is.

Real-Life Product Management

If you have a hammer, you start seeing everything as a nail. What if you’re a PM? You start seeing solutions everywhere you go. Avinoam is a full-time PM, and if this post doesn’t prove it to you, check out his piece we published earlier this week.


I think maybe it’s time. If you don’t have that whiteboard in your office with this reminder: “I’ve Gone X Days Without Talking to a Customer,” you’re doing something wrong, my friend.

Build Something New

Are you ready to build something new? Bitly has an opening for a PM with grit and creativity. We especially like the bonus points for experience creating products for a wide range of consumer segments. After all, variety is the spice of (PM) life.