How to convince your boss to send you to Pendomonium

Published Aug 18, 2023
If the rapid rise of AI technology—and the companies using it—has shown us anything, it’s that staying agile and adaptable, embracing what’s new, and daring to break away from the status quo are all critical in differentiating yourself and your organization.

And that’s exactly what Pendomonium is all about. 

While it’s a big, beautiful (and boldly pink) celebration of the world’s best products and the people behind them, Pendomonium is also a serious opportunity to learn and grow in your career. Hear from the companies and leaders changing the game (and find out how you can, too). Be the first to see Pendo’s newest releases—and how they can take your product experiences to the next level. And earn certifications and deepen skills you’ll take with you throughout your entire career.

If you’re still working on getting approval from your boss or management team to attend Pendomonium, here are some talking points you can lean on.


1. You’ll return to work with actionable new skills

Pendomonium is the perfect place to geek out over product as you gain new skills. 

Throughout the festival, you’ll be exposed to a diverse range of workshops (be sure to check out our four optional add-on workshops); keynotes from innovators across industries (including Christina Tosi, Fraser Kelton, and more); and breakout discussions led by Pendo users and leaders, doing incredible and innovative things. These sessions will inspire you, expose you to new ways of thinking and problem-solving, and teach you new tactics you can apply at your own organization.

In all of these sessions, you won’t just hear about theory. You’ll learn tactical strategies you can put into practice when you get back home—directly benefiting your work and your company. And you’ll solidify your standing as an indispensable member of your team by sharing everything you’ve learned about the latest AI and product trends, Pendo best practices, and frameworks you can adapt for your own organization.


2. You’ll grow your network and form lasting connections

Pendomonium brings together the best and brightest across the product and tech community. Connecting with fellow practitioners (from product, customer success, marketing, engineering, design, L&D, and more), thought leaders and industry experts, and potential collaborators can open doors for you and your organization—some that you never knew existed. 

Throughout the festival, you’ll be able to mix and mingle freely with your fellow attendees. From structured community meet-ups to organic exchanges to face time with leaders within some of today’s most innovative brands—you’ll build new connections and grow your professional network to advance your organization, and grow your personal network to advance your career. This exchange of ideas, challenges, and successes will also spark new creativity and innovation, helping you refine your product-led approach and infuse fresh energy into your projects.

3. You’ll learn how to maximize the value of your company’s Pendo investments

Attending Pendomonium isn’t an expense—it’s an investment. The knowledge, connections, and strategies you’ll bring back to your organization can lead to tangible returns for your company and your career.

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with Pendo experts, get answers to your pressing Pendo questions, and demo our latest offerings live. You’ll hear, learn from, and get inspired by other practitioners and leaders using Pendo to solve challenges similar to yours. And you’ll discover new ways of using Pendo features you may already have access to, but aren’t yet taking full advantage of—so you can make the most of your investment and realize the full value of our platform.


4. You’ll get hands-on training and demos with Pendo experts

This year, we’re offering four optional add-on courses the day before Pendomonium officially kicks off, in addition to our two full days of programming:

  • Pendo Essentials Certification Course
  • Pendo Admin Certification Course
  • Mind the Product’s Product Management Foundations
  • Designing Your Launch Workshop

Attending these courses live, as part of Pendomonium, is the perfect way to pack in as much immersive learning as possible while you’re in Raleigh. It also means you’re able to get your most pressing questions answered in person, while working through exercises with other Pendo users in similar roles as you. 

You’ll have the opportunity to leave the Pendo Essentials and Pendo Admin courses with a certification—a great way to demonstrate your product-led mastery; earn credentials you can carry with you throughout your career; improve and accelerate the Pendo initiatives in your organization; and position you and your company as innovative, product-led leaders.


5. You’ll leave feeling inspired and motivated to bring your best self to work

Let’s face it: The day-to-day grind can sometimes dampen our spirits and stifle our creativity. But Pendomonium offers a chance to step away from the routine and immerse yourself in an environment packed with inspiration and innovation. (Plus, we know how to throw a great party!)

Teams that attend Pendomonium return to work more energized, motivated, and eager to meet and exceed company goals. You’ll shift your focus, gain fresh perspective, and make memories to last a lifetime. And you’ll inspire other teams throughout your organization to adopt a spirit of innovation and experimentation, find new and more efficient ways of working, and embrace product-led practices.


Ready to talk to your boss and get their sign-off on sending you to Pendomonium? Start with this justification letter template, and make it your own.

We can’t wait to see you at Pendomonium 2023!